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homebridge-raspbian-image - Official Homebridge Raspberry Pi Image based on Raspbian Lite.

  •    Shell

This project provides a free Raspbian based Raspberry Pi image with Homebridge and Homebridge Config UI X pre-installed. This image also provides a command called hb-config which helps you keep Node.js up-to-date, perform maintenance on your Homebridge server, and install additional optional software such as Pi Hole, deCONZ, Node-RED and the UniFI Controller.

plugin-ui-utils - Create fully customisable configuration user interfaces for Homebridge plugins.

  •    TypeScript

The package assists plugin developers creating fully customisable configuration user interfaces for their plugins. You may customise the location of the homebridge-ui by setting the customUiPath property in the config.schema.json. For example: "customUiPath": "./dist/homebridge-ui".

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