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homebridge-homeassistant -  Homebridge plugin for Home Assistant

  •    Javascript

Control your accessories from Home Assistant with Siri and HomeKit. Set it up and poof, all of your supported accessories will be instantly controllable via Siri.Home Assistant is a home automation platform already, so this plugin aims to just expose your devices in a way that you can control them with Siri. While you can integrate your accessories into HomeKit for automations, the goals of this plugin are strictly to allow Siri to be a frontend for your accessories.

homebridge-magichome - A Homebridge plugin for Magic Wifi devices

  •    Python

A Homebridge plugin for devices running on the Magic Home Wi-Fi system. The plugin includes and uses a slightly modified version of flux_led.py.

homebridge-cmd4 - CMD4 Plugin for Homebridge - Supports ~All Accessory Types!

  •    Javascript

Cmd4 is a plugin for [Homebridge] that lets you see what Homebridge and Homekit are all about, without actually owning a single accessory! For the more advanced user, Cmd4 brings CLI support for all accessories. This plugin allows you see what Homebridge is all about, without having any home control accessories. If you can run Homebridge and then install this plugin, all the possible accessories are now available to you within HomeKit or Eve. (Except Camera Streaming).