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homebridge-homeassistant -  Homebridge plugin for Home Assistant

  •    Javascript

Control your accessories from Home Assistant with Siri and HomeKit. Set it up and poof, all of your supported accessories will be instantly controllable via Siri.Home Assistant is a home automation platform already, so this plugin aims to just expose your devices in a way that you can control them with Siri. While you can integrate your accessories into HomeKit for automations, the goals of this plugin are strictly to allow Siri to be a frontend for your accessories.

homebridge-broadlink-rm - Broadlink RM Mini and Pro plugin for homebridge: https://github

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the Broadlink RM Mini and Broadlink RM Pro plugin for Homebridge. This plugin allows you to control your RM Mini and RM Pro with HomeKit using the Home app and Siri.

homebridge-webos-tv - Homebridge plugin for LG webOS TVs

  •    Javascript

homebridge-webos-tv is a plugin for Homebridge which allows you to control your webOS TV! It should work with all TVs that support webOS2 and newer. The idea is that the TV should be controlled completely from the native HomeKit iOS app and Siri, that is why volume appears as a light bulb or external input as a switch. To use the plugin iOS 12.2 or higher is recommended. If your iOS device is not running at least on iOS12.2 then you should use the legacy tv service.

homebridge-camera-ffmpeg - ffmpeg plugin for homebridge.

  •    Javascript

This is an optional feature that will automatically store every snapshot taken to your Google Drive account as a photo. This is very useful if you have motion sensor in the same room as the camera, as it will take a snapshot of whatever caused the motion sensor to trigger, and store the image on Google Drive and create a Picture Notification on your iOS device. The snapshots are stored in a folder called "Camera Pictures", and are named with camera name, date and time of the image.

homebridge-miio - Xiaomi Mi Home Plugin for Homebridge

  •    Javascript

homebridge-miio is a platform plugin for homebridge which lets you switch Xiaomi Power Plugs on and off using Homekit apps and Siri. It seems very reliable now, and should coexist happily with other Xiaomi home automation ecosystem plugins. Eventually it would be nice to support some other device types, if people who have those devices want to do pull requests, or donate hardware, it'd surely be welcomed. You don't need to configure anything, just install the platform plugin with npm install -g homebridge-miio. devices on the same subnet as your homebridge server will be discovered at launch and every half hour after that, and supported devices will be polled for changes occasionally to keep things responsive.

homebridge-dummy - Dummy switches for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    Javascript

With this plugin, you can create any number of fake switches that will do nothing when turned on (and will automatically turn off right afterward, simulating a stateless switch). This can be very useful for advanced automation with HomeKit scenes. For instance, the Philips Hue app will automatically create HomeKit scenes for you based on Hue Scenes you create. But what if you want to create a scene that contains both Philips Hue actions and other actions (like turning on the coffee maker with a WeMo outlet)? You are forced to either modify the Hue-created scene (which can be a HUGE list of actions if you have lots of lights) or build your own HomeKit lighting scenes.

homebridge-kevo - Kevo support for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    HTML

Find "lock_id" values by excluding lock_id from your config.json. When you start homebridge the next time, all "lock_id" values for your Kevo account will be printed in the logs. NOTE: When commanding groups of locks, there will be a 15 second delay between each lock command firing because Kevo does not support rapid API requests. This causes Siri to usually say "Sorry x, I didn't hear back" as a result.

homebridge-legacy-plugins - Legacy plugins for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    Javascript

This repository contains all the plugins that were previously bundled in the main homebridge repository. These should all be moved to separate repositories owned by their original creators/maintainers. As authors of the legacy accessories and platforms create new standalone plugins, we'll be removing them from this legacy package.

homebridge-liftmaster - LiftMaster support for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    Javascript

This plugin is rather old - it still Works For Me™ so I haven't hacked on it much. If you are having trouble with it, I recommend checking out the newer homebridge-liftmaster2 by luisiam.

homebridge-lockitron - Lockitron support for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    Javascript

This plugin supports Lockitron locks. It uses the Lockitron cloud API, so the Lockitron must be 'awake' for locking and unlocking to actually happen. You can wake up Lockitron after issuing an lock/unlock command by knocking on the door.

homebridge-sonos - Sonos plugin for homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    Javascript

The room parameter must match the room name in Sonos exactly. Note that the name "Speakers" is used in the name for this example instead of something more intuitive like "Sonos" or "Music" or "Radio", as Siri has many stronger associations for those words. For instance, including "Sonos" in the name will likely cause Siri to just launch the Sonos app. And including "Music" in the name will cause Siri to launch the built-in Music app.

homebridge-tesla - Tesla plugin for homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

  •    Javascript

Tesla support for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

homebridge-bluetooth-tag - Homebrige plugin for Bluetooth button tags

  •    Javascript

A Homebridge plugin for exposing Bluetooth Low Energy button tags as switches in HomeKit. This plugin has been tested with "iTag" bluetooth trackers which can be found on eBay for about AU$10. Any device which exposes alert (1802:2A06) and button (FFE0:FFE1) characteristics should work. These are typically listed to be used with the "iTracing" mobile app.

homebridge-airrohr - HomeBridge module for the DIY luftdaten

  •    Javascript

HomeBridge module for the DIY luftdaten.info air particulates sensor from OpenData Stuttgart. It can be used to see the status of your own sensor in HomeKit. You can also use it to see another sensor if it's data is published to api.luftdaten.info (see here).

homebridge-chamberlain - A Homebridge plugin for Chamberlain garage door openers with MyQ.

  •    Javascript

A Homebridge plugin for Chamberlain garage door openers with MyQ. If you have multiple garage doors, the plugin will throw an error and list the controllable device IDs. Use those IDs to create individual accessories...

homebridge-netatmo - This is a homebridge plugin for several netatmo devices

  •    Javascript

Like this? Please buy me a beer ... Please check notes on devices below for detailed information on supported modules.

homebridge-roomba - Roomba plugin for Homebridge

  •    Javascript

Roomba plugin for Homebridge. Tested with a Roomba 960 but is expected to work with the entire 900 series. Add your Roomba to ~/.homebridge/config.json as shown below. Continue reading for information on fiding the blid, robotpwd and asset ID.

homebridge-pilight - Accessory plugin for Homebridge allowing to manage and control pilight devices

  •    Javascript

This is an accessory plugin for Homebridge allowing to manage and control pilight devices. This plugin only communications to the pilight daemon via the WebSocket API exposed by pilight itself. You should be sure to enable this api and the configured port is not blocked by any firewall.

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