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homeassistant - Example Home Assistant Configs

  •    Shell

My personal Home Assistant configurations with 300+ automations. These are my active automations and configurations that I use every day. Updated frequently as I add more devices and come up with more and more complicated ways to do simple tasks. Many of my automations rely on some form of lighting but many examples can be found in lights.yaml and location.yaml.

Home-Assistant - Home-Assistant-Config

  •    HTML

This is my current Home Automation setup, based on Homeassistant. This is my live system as it is running in my house at the moment. I am currently tracking the beta channel of releases. Below you will find links to how it is all organised, and I am in the process of adding a Wiki to this site that will explain how to create a system like mine from scratch... Click here to see the Hardware and Software I am using around the house.

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