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button-card - Lovelace button-card for home assistant

  •    TypeScript

Lovelace Button card for your entities. All the fields support templates, see templates.

light-card - Lovelace light-card for home assistant

  •    Javascript

light card is an light icon button for your light entities. The icon colors itself depending on the color of the light. If the color can not be detected (not supported by the light), a default warm yellow is used.

banner-card - A fluffy banner card for Home Assistant 🥰

  •    Javascript

This limits to only showing a media_player entity when it is playing. It uses the shorthand form for when where a simple string is used instead of specifying an object with state key. You can add simple buttons by specifying the action property for an entity. This is intended for simple use cases to start scripts or set a light to specific brightness for example. You can enforce a fixed icon using a crazy hack (and there I made it a feature) that sets an entities value via config. (Its normaly read from state). You can also use map_state to use different icons for different states.

simple-thermostat - A different take on the thermostat card for Home Assistant ♨️

  •    Javascript

A different take on the thermostat card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI. The aim is to provide a card with simpler interactions that are easier to use and take up less space, as well as provide more modularity to tweak the card. For example the abiltity to embed sensor values that are relevant to your thermostat (like humidity, energy usage, hours on +++).