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forge - A native implementation of TLS in Javascript and tools to write crypto-based and network-heavy webapps

  •    Javascript

A native implementation of TLS (and various other cryptographic tools) in JavaScript. The Forge software is a fully native implementation of the TLS protocol in JavaScript, a set of cryptography utilities, and a set of tools for developing Web Apps that utilize many network resources.

itsdangerous - Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments

  •    Python

Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments

mashape-oauth - OAuth Modules for Node

  •    Javascript

If you're looking for the popular OAuth Bible, here it is. It extensively explains the multitude of OAuth flows and how OAuth works. Require the library and the one you wish to use.

ring - Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust

  •    Rust

ring is focused on the implementation, testing, and optimization of a core set of cryptographic operations exposed via an easy-to-use (and hard-to-misuse) API. ring exposes a Rust API and is written in a hybrid of Rust, C, and assembly language. ring is focused on general-purpose cryptography. WebPKI X.509 certificate validation is done in the webpki project, which is built on top of ring. Also, multiple groups are working on implementations of cryptographic protocols like TLS, SSH, and DNSSEC on top of ring.

jshashes - Fast and dependency-free cryptographic hashing library for node

  •    Javascript

jshashes is lightweight library implementing the most extended cryptographic hash function algorithms in pure JavaScript (ES5 compliant).You can use the simple command-line interface to generate hashes.

api_auth - HMAC authentication for Rails and HTTP Clients

  •    Ruby

Logins and passwords are for humans. Communication between applications need to be protected through different means. ApiAuth is a Ruby gem designed to be used both in your client and server HTTP-based applications. It implements the same authentication methods (HMAC-SHA1) used by Amazon Web Services.

orion - Usable, easy and safe pure-Rust crypto

  •    Rust

Orion is a cryptography library written in pure Rust. It aims to provide easy and usable crypto while trying to minimize the use of unsafe code. You can read more about Orion in the wiki. This library has not undergone any third-party security audit. Usage is at own risk.

privy - An easy, fast lib to correctly password-protect your data

  •    Python

Privy is a small and fast utility for password-protecting secret data such as API keys, cryptocurrency wallets, or seeds for digital signatures.Say for example you are using GnuPG. You are about to sign a message but it first requires your password. Does your password become the input to instantiate your private key? No, it is first hashed by a secure key derivation function. That hash then becomes the input to a symmetric cipher such as AES which then decrypts your stored private key. That is what Privy does.

chacha20poly1305 - chacha20/poly1305 with the node api

  •    Javascript

ChaCha20 Poly1305 auth cipher with a node api with pure js and native bindings

fast-sha256-js - SHA-256, HMAC and PBKDF2 implementation for JavaScript/TypeScript with typed arrays for modern browsers and Node

  •    Javascript

SHA-256 implementation for JavaScript/TypeScript with typed arrays that works in modern browsers and Node.js. Implements the hash function, HMAC, and PBKDF2.Public domain. No warranty.

tweetnacl-auth-js - HMAC-SHA-512-256 for TweetNacl.js

  •    Javascript

Implementation of http://nacl.cr.yp.to/auth.html (requires TweetNaCl.js).Written in 2014 by Dmitry Chestnykh. Public domain.

angular-crypto - angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular

  •    Javascript

angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular.js with support for: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RC4, Rabbit, AES, DES, PBKDF2, HMAC, OFB, CFB, CTR, CBC, Base64

isomorphic-crypto - 🔒 Isomorphic crypto package for node and the browser.

  •    Javascript

Have a look at the official crypto documentation.Please be aware that the browser version of this library uses crypto-browserify, which is only a partial implementation of node's native crypto module. Check out their documentation to see what is supported and what not.

hash.js - Hash functions in pure javascript

  •    Javascript

Just a bike-shed.This software is licensed under the MIT License.

go-alone - A very simple to use, high-performance, Go (golang) MAC signer.

  •    Go

For help with this package or general Go discussion, please join the Discord Gophers chat server.This assumes you already have a working Go environment, if not please see this page first.

token - Time-limited, HMAC-based authentication token generation

  •    Javascript

Token is just a small wrapper around sha512 HMAC hashes. Note that tokens from the previous and next time step are accepted, e.g. tokens can be valid up to three time steps from when they were issued. This allows for 1) the token to expire lazily and 2) for the servers to disagree on time (e.g. even if the generating server is ahead, the token will be accepted).

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