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hubot-hipchat - HipChat adapter for GitHub's Hubot

  •    CoffeeScript

Try deploying the "Triatomic" starter HipChat Hubot project to Heroku. Once you have it running, simply clone it and customize its scripts as you please. This is a HipChat-specific version of the more general instructions in the Hubot wiki. Some of this guide is derived from Hubot's general set up instructions. You may wish to see that guide for more information about the general use and configuration of Hubot, in addition to details for deploying it to environments other than Heroku.

matterbridge - bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocket

  •    Go

A simple chat bridge Letting people be where they want to be. Bridges between a growing number of protocols. Click below to demo. Gitter | IRC | Discord | Matrix | Slack | Mattermost | XMPP | Twitch | Zulip | And more...

cog - Bringing the power of the command line to chat

  •    Elixir

Cog brings the power of the command line to the place you collaborate with your team all the time -- your chat window. Powerful access control means you can collaborate around even the most sensitive tasks with confidence. A focus on extensibility and adaptability means that you can respond quickly to the unexpected, without your team losing visibility.

Nubot - Nubot is a chat bot in C# connecting to HipChat and soon others

  •    CSharp

Nubot is a chat bot in C# connecting to HipChat and soon others

copy-as-format - Emacs function to copy buffer locations as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat/

  •    Emacs

Copy the current line or active region and add it to the kill ring as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat/... formatted code. Format defaults to copy-as-format-default. The buffer will not be modified. With a prefix argument prompt for the format.

grunt-hipchat-notifier - Send grunt messages to a Hipchat channel

  •    CoffeeScript

In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named hipchat_notifier to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

ansible-hubot - :speech_balloon: Ansible role for Hubot

  •    Shell

By default this Hubot role uses the Slack adapter, but you can change the role to work with another adapter like HipChat by editing defaults/main.yml, updating the value of hubot_adapter, and adding the appropriate environment variables to defaults.main.yml file. You can install this role with the ansible-galaxy command instead of running directly from the git repository.

drill-sergeant - Keep track and get notified when github pull requests become stale.

  •    Javascript

Keep track and get notified when github pull requests become stale. This is particularly useful for teams utilizing the github flow. This will send a report to a specified email (or emails) of any pull requests that are over the specified stale time. As of 0.1.0, Drill Sergeant can also be configured (with the -l, --label command) to label the PRs as Stale.

wobot - A plugin-based HipChat bot written in Node.js.

  •    Javascript

A plugin-based HipChat bot written in Node.js. Emitted whenever the bot connects to the server.

XmppBot-for-HipChat - HipChat XMPP Bot in C#

  •    CSharp

A simple XMPP bot written in C# which is easily extended to run your own custom extensions. Copy/Paste the App.config.template file and rename to App.config. Inside the newly named App.config file, fill in key entries with appropriate values from your XMPP page in hipchat.

hubot-group-alias - @mentions for groups using Hubot

  •    CoffeeScript

Set the HUBOT_GROUP_ALIAS variable. Note: When set in a shell environment, you may want to put '' around your alias definition so that any ; don't try to break the command.

docker-errbot - Dockerfile for Err - the pluggable chatbot

  •    Python

Dockerfile to build an Errbot (the pluggable chatbot) container image. Below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your Err bot. See config-template.py for complete settings documentation.

hipchat.net - HipChat API v2 portable client library for .NET

  •    Javascript

Using msbuild (v12+) against HipChat.Net.csproj.

k8s-bot - A bot to interact with Kubernetes on Hipchat

  •    Go

k8s-bot is a small Golang Bot that allows you to interact with your Kubernetes cluster via Hipchat channel. All of the above are included in the Helm chart and Dockerfile.

hermes - A friendly, pluggable chat bot.

  •    Javascript

Check out the Hermes site for a list of all the open-source plugins you can add to your robot. Hermes also comes with a Javascript API, for complicated use cases and full control over how Hermes is configured.

lita-hipchat - A HipChat adapter for Lita.

  •    Ruby

lita-hipchat is an adapter for Lita that allows you to use the robot with HipChat. Values for all of the following attributes can be found on the "XMPP/Jabber info" page of the account settings on the HipChat website. A JID (Jabber ID) looks like "12345_123456@chat.hipchat.com".

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