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VkFFT - Vulkan/CUDA/HIP/OpenCL Fast Fourier Transform library

  •    C++

VkFFT is an efficient GPU-accelerated multidimensional Fast Fourier Transform library for Vulkan/CUDA/HIP/OpenCL projects. VkFFT aims to provide the community with an open-source alternative to Nvidia's cuFFT library while achieving better performance. VkFFT is written in C language and supports Vulkan, CUDA, HIP and OpenCL as backends. Vulkan version: Include the vkFFT.h file and glslang compiler. Provide the library with correctly chosen VKFFT_BACKEND definition (VKFFT_BACKEND=0 for Vulkan). Sample CMakeLists.txt file configures project based on Vulkan_FFT.cpp file, which contains examples on how to use VkFFT to perform FFT, iFFT and convolution calculations, use zero padding, multiple feature/batch convolutions, C2C FFTs of big systems, R2C/C2R transforms, R2R DCT-II, III and IV, double precision FFTs, half precision FFTs. For single and double precision, Vulkan 1.0 is required. For half precision, Vulkan 1.1 is required.

hip - Haskell Image Processing Library

  •    Haskell

Documentation is on Hackage, and Stackage. In order to be able to view images in GHCi an external image viewer is used. You can use any viewer that accepts a filename as an argument, and by default, image viewer specified by the OS is used.

hipSYCL - Implementation of SYCL 1.2.1 over AMD HIP/NVIDIA CUDA

  •    C++

The goal of the hipSYCL project is to develop a SYCL 1.2.1 implementation that is built upon NVIDIA CUDA/AMD HIP. hipSYCL provides a SYCL interface to NVIDIA CUDA and AMD HIP. hipSYCL applications are then compiled with the regular vendor compilers (nvcc for nvidia and hcc for AMD), and hence can enjoy full vendor support.

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