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highcharter - R wrapper for highcharts based on htmlwidgets

  •    R

R wrapper for highcharts. highcharter bring all the highcharts capabilites so it is recommended know how highcharts API works to take a major advantage of this package. You can look some demos charts and explore chart types, syntax and all what highcharts can do. Highcharter has a dependency on Highcharts, a commercial JavaScript charting library. Highcharts offers both a commercial license as well as a free non-commercial license. Please review the licensing options and terms before using this software, as the highcharter license neither provides nor implies a license for Highcharts.

redispapa - another redis monitor by using flask, angular, socket.io

  •    Python

we use redis info to monitor the redis usage. PAPA means a father who is monitoring the redis. accoding to the redis doc, it is be recommanded to use info other than monitor.


  •    DotNet

If you want more interactive and intuitive charts instead of the static chart images, this is the .NET way to display Highcharts into your ASP.NET application.

Highcharts.net - jQuery charts ready!

  •    CSharp

Highcharts .Net é uma biblioteca de gráficos escritos puramente em JavaScript, oferecendo uma maneira fácil de adicionar gráficos interativos ao seu aplicativo web. Este projeto irá encapsular toda implementação da API Highcharts em controles Asp.Net, facilitando sua utilização.

gochart - A chart plotting tool implemented by Golang and Highcharts.

  •    Go

gochart is a chart ploting tool which is simple to use. It used the open sources golang and highcharts which is modeled after goplot. It can plot spline/line/area/bar/column/pie. This tool is just a binary independent with any other lib or environment.

vue-highcharts - :bar_chart: Highcharts component for Vue

  •    Javascript

Highcharts component for Vue. If you want to use Highstock, Highmaps or any other add-ons, you should pass in the Highcharts object which included the corresponding modules.

highcharts_trendline - HighCharts demo of scatter plot, including a trend line

  •    Javascript

This project illustrates how you can easily add a trendline to your Highchart charts. Note: If you are looking for a more complete implementation, checkout the highcharts-regression plugin.

highcharts-browserify - browserify bundle for highcharts

  •    Javascript

Browserify bundle for Highcharts. Several extra graph types are included as modules. By requiring the graph type you need, highcharts will be extended to support that graph type.

cfpb-chart-builder - Charts for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  •    Javascript

Charts for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Create a CFPB chart. Config options can be passed as an argument to createChart or as a data attribute on an element with a class of cfpb-chart (see above).

angular-highcharts - Highcharts directive for Angular

  •    TypeScript

This is a Highcharts directive for Angular. Do you use Angular 4? Please go here.

highcharts-assignment-8 - A class assignment with Highcharts

  •    Javascript

This repo contains your assignment starter files, including the Highcharts code. Fork this repo (make sure you are logged into GitHub).

chartkit - Angular + Highcharts Integration

  •    Javascript

Chartkit provides deep integration between the Angular framework and the wonderful Highcharts library. When building a serious data visualization app, you often end up with a Highcharts configuration object that runs several hundred or perhaps thousands lines long. Since this is a single object, it is not particularly modular. Similarly, Angular uses directives for its view layer, which are also configuration objects. Hence you end up with a long object in a link function in another long object.

react-highcharts-example - Simple create-react-app with highcharts example

  •    Javascript

This example demonstrates how Highcharts could be used with React. Clone the repository and install with npm or yarn as usal.

pokegraphs - Pokemon pixel color graphs in javascript.

  •    Javascript

Pokemon pixel color graphs in javascript. You will need Python and virtualenv.


  •    Javascript

Highcharts plugin to adjust the height according to the legend height. This avoids situations where too many legend items would introduce navigation handles or take over too much space from the chart. View live demo.


  •    Javascript

Using this plugin lets the user move the legend around in the chart. The contents of the plugin is located in the JavaScript file draggable-legend.js. This plugin is published under the MIT license.

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