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react-decoration - A collection of decorators for React Components

  •    Javascript

Attention - In order to use react-decoration you have to use babel 5 or use this plugin for babel 6. Check this page for information. If you aren't using npm in your project, you can include reactDecoration using UMD build in the dist folder with <script> tag.

react-skeletor - Skeleton loading for React

  •    TypeScript

Display a skeleton preview of the application's content before the data get loaded. Before opening any Pull Request please post an issue explaining the problem so that the team can evaluate if the Pull Request is relevant.

react-sizes - :left_right_arrow: Hoc to easily map window sizes to props.

  •    Javascript

React Sizes is a high-order component with a high performance that transform window sizes (width and height) into props. You can check inside your component, for example, if user's window is less than 480 pixels of width, and add a custom content. It can be very powerful for when you need to display different content for mobile and desktop. But it's not limited to this case. Just use that at your needs.

reactx - A React.js Extension Library, add missing features form React.js

  •    Javascript

Install using npm. ReactX is designed to be fully backward compatible with React, which can be used as drop in replacement of React without any code change.

with-reducer - 🔨 React HoC setState with reducer

  •    Javascript

React High order Component that allow you to dispatch actions with no need of redux as dependency. Redux architecture is really nice, but you might not need it, instead you can only use setState.

rzero-tools - Decorator and tools for redux-zero

  •    Javascript

I was recently reviewing redux-zero and the tool seems to seriously take the strain off using redux given the massive amount of boiler plate that tool requests its users provide. Though redux-zero was a breath of fresh air, as are many tools that cut out the cruft, it was also missing some convenience that once achieves when finally getting redux setup in your project. The biggest missing part was being able to receive only the slice of your store that you need and being able to update that piece as easily. As a fan of using ES7 style decorators, I felt that it might make more sense to provide a single decorator to solve this issue. The decorator goes before your react component and takes a reference to your store, and a dot separated string denoting the path to your slice of the store.

next-ga - Next.js HOC to integrate Google Analytics on every page change

  •    Javascript

Next.js High Order Component to integrate Google Analytics on every page change. That's it, now when the user access a page it will log a pageview to Google Analytics, each page change after that will also trigger a pageview on Google Analytics.

next-nprogress - Next.js HOC to integrate NProgress inside your app

  •    Javascript

Next.js HOC to integrate NProgress inside your app. This is configured to run only after a delay of (default) 300ms. This means if the page change takes too long it will render the progress bar, but if it's fast enough it will avoid rendering it.

redux-connect-element - Redux HTMLElement Connector

  •    TypeScript

Connect Redux to vanilla HTMLElement (or LitElement) instances, based on this gist by Kevin Schaaf. Typescript friendly.

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