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  •    CSharp

Here you can find the resources required to start building with these new systems today. We have also provided a new forum where you can find more information and share your experiences with these new systems.

right-now - Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser

  •    Javascript

Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser.Instead of returning the date, right-now may use performance.now, Date.now, +new Date or process.hrtime to get a timestamp suitable for measuring intervals of time. Handy for both animation loops and precision benchmarking.

HPC - A collection of various resources, examples, and executables for the general NREL HPC user community's benefit

  •    Jupyter

This repository serves as a collection of walkthroughs, utilities, and other resources to improve the NREL HPC user's quality of life, both novice and veteran. We are here to help: If you need help with a specific issue or would like to see a topic covered please open an issue. If you have materials that could be useful for the NREL community, please see our contributing guidelines, and open a pull request.

ngraph.hde - High dimensional embedding of a graph and its layout

  •    Javascript

This package implements high dimensional graph layout with O(m*(|V| + |E|)) time complexity. While the layout doesn't necessary look appealing for all possible graphs, this package provides amazing initial configuration for nodes for subsequent refinement by ngraph.forcelayout or d3-force.

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