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machina.js - js ex machina - finite state machines in JavaScript

Machina.js is a JavaScript framework for highly customizable finite state machines (FSMs). Many of the ideas for machina have been loosely inspired by the Erlang/OTP FSM behaviors. Finite state machines are a great conceptual model for many concerns facing developers – from conditional UI, connectivity monitoring & management to initialization and more. State machines can simplify tangled paths of asynchronous code, they're easy to test, and they inherently lend themselves to helping you avoid unexpected edge-case-state pitfalls. machina aims to give you the tools you need to model state machines in JavaScript, without being too prescriptive on the problem domain you're solving for.


knockout-validator is an extensible model validation system for knockout framework, that besides normal validations it handles well nested validations and array validations. Validation is performed on the view model. The UI can selectively register to display validation result...

HierList ASP.NET WebControl

The HierList ASP WebControl generates hierarchial lists from XML data sources using the <ul>, <ol>, and <li> html tags.

Hierarchical State Machine Compiler

This projects helps you to easily create and generate hierarchical state machine in .NET. States, transitions, conditions, action, states inheritance

keychain-manager-js - A key system for hierarchical deterministic (HD / BIP32) keychains

A key system based around accounts that each have hierarchical deterministic (HD) keychains with ECDSA keypairs (the ones Bitcoin uses).A master private keychain is the highest level abstraction of keys. It represents the root or master private key for the application and/or device. Account-specific private keychains can be derived from it, which can then be used to derive account-specific public keychains.

node-logg - Logging library that allows for hierarchical loggers, multiple log levels, and flexible watching of log records

This is a logging library for use with node.js. It decouples log reporting from publishing and is based on the Java API. Fork the latest source from github.

jerakia - A pluggable and extendable data lookup system

Jerakia is a tool that performs key value lookups against a variety of pluggable data stores. It does this using a top-down hierarchical set of queries that allow you to define global values and override them at different levels of a configurable hierarchy. This has many use cases, including infrastructure management where you often have configuration values defined at a global level but wish to override these values based on certain factors such as the environment or location of the request.

bu-navigation - Robust tools for managing hierarchical page content in WordPress

Robust tools for managing hierarchical page content in WordPress. Ideal for blogs with large page counts. BU Navigation provides key tools you need to manage large numbers of pages.