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machina.js - js ex machina - finite state machines in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Machina.js is a JavaScript framework for highly customizable finite state machines (FSMs). Many of the ideas for machina have been loosely inspired by the Erlang/OTP FSM behaviors. Finite state machines are a great conceptual model for many concerns facing developers – from conditional UI, connectivity monitoring & management to initialization and more. State machines can simplify tangled paths of asynchronous code, they're easy to test, and they inherently lend themselves to helping you avoid unexpected edge-case-state pitfalls. machina aims to give you the tools you need to model state machines in JavaScript, without being too prescriptive on the problem domain you're solving for.

GoJS - JavaScript diagramming library for interactive flowcharts, org charts, design tools, planning tools, visual languages

  •    Javascript

GoJS is a JavaScript and TypeScript library for creating and manipulating diagrams, charts, and graphs. GoJS is a flexible library that can be used to create a number of different kinds of interactive diagrams, including data visualizations, drawing tools, and graph editors. There are samples for flowchart, org chart, business process BPMN, swimlanes, timelines, state charts, kanban, network, mindmap, sankey, family trees and genogram charts, fishbone diagrams, floor plans, UML, decision trees, pert charts, Gantt, and hundreds more. GoJS includes a number of built in layouts including tree layout, force directed, radial, and layered digraph layout, and a number of custom layout examples.



knockout-validator is an extensible model validation system for knockout framework, that besides normal validations it handles well nested validations and array validations. Validation is performed on the view model. The UI can selectively register to display validation result...

HierList ASP.NET WebControl

  •    ASPNET

The HierList ASP WebControl generates hierarchial lists from XML data sources using the <ul>, <ol>, and <li> html tags.

Hierarchical State Machine Compiler

  •    Java

This projects helps you to easily create and generate hierarchical state machine in .NET. States, transitions, conditions, action, states inheritance

keychain-manager-js - A key system for hierarchical deterministic (HD / BIP32) keychains

  •    Javascript

A key system based around accounts that each have hierarchical deterministic (HD) keychains with ECDSA keypairs (the ones Bitcoin uses).A master private keychain is the highest level abstraction of keys. It represents the root or master private key for the application and/or device. Account-specific private keychains can be derived from it, which can then be used to derive account-specific public keychains.

node-logg - Logging library that allows for hierarchical loggers, multiple log levels, and flexible watching of log records

  •    Javascript

This is a logging library for use with node.js. It decouples log reporting from publishing and is based on the Java API. Fork the latest source from github.

jerakia - A pluggable and extendable data lookup system

  •    Ruby

Jerakia is a tool that performs key value lookups against a variety of pluggable data stores. It does this using a top-down hierarchical set of queries that allow you to define global values and override them at different levels of a configurable hierarchy. This has many use cases, including infrastructure management where you often have configuration values defined at a global level but wish to override these values based on certain factors such as the environment or location of the request.

bu-navigation - Robust tools for managing hierarchical page content in WordPress

  •    PHP

Robust tools for managing hierarchical page content in WordPress. Ideal for blogs with large page counts. BU Navigation provides key tools you need to manage large numbers of pages.

d3.layout.orbit - An animated hierarchical layout for d3.js that creates orbits from nested data

  •    Javascript

An animated hierarchical layout for d3.js that creates orbits from nested data. You can see an interactive example here.

d3.layout.timeline - A layout for band-style timelines

  •    Javascript

Timelines come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most common and popular is the kind that represents the duration of events as bands and tries to efficiently pack them into discrete lanes (sometimes called a swimlane chart). This layout takes an array of data with start and end points and creates the data necessary to draw the data as bands on a timeline. #timeline(data) Returns an array of objects based on data with drawing instructions.

cherrytree - A flexible nested router.

  •    Javascript

Cherrytree is a flexible hierarchical router that translates every URL change into a transition descriptor object and calls your middleware functions that put the application into a desired state. The size excluding all deps is ~4.83kB gzipped and the standalone build with all deps is ~7.24kB gzipped.

webgme-hfsm - Metamodel, visualization, simulation, and code generation for Heirarchical Finite State Machines (HFSMs) following the UML State Machine spec

  •    Javascript

WebGME App for creating Executable Heirarchical Finite State Machines (HFSMs). Contains metamodel, visualization, simulation, and code generation for Heirarchical Finite State Machines (HFSMs) following the UML State Machine specification, see Wikipedia UML State Machine, another reference, and the UML specification. Please see the WIKI for further information, including links to relevant Youtube Videos and specific pages about development process and such.

abyssa-js - Framework agnostic hierarchical router for single page applications

  •    Javascript

Hierarchical router library for single page applications. Abyssa is a stateful, hierarchical client side router. What does stateful mean? It means all states are not equal and abyssa knows how to go from one state to another efficiently. Abyssa does only one thing: Routing. Upon entering a state, it can be rendered using any technique: Direct DOM manipulation, client or server side templating, with the help of a binding library, etc. A state can even be abstract and not render anything.

metacoder - Parsing, Manipulation, and Visualization of Metabarcoding/Taxonomic data

  •    R

The function that simulates PCR requires primersearch from the EMBOSS tool kit to be installed. This is not an R package, so it is not automatically installed. Type ?primersearch after installing and loading metacoder for installation instructions. Many of these operations can be done using other packages like phyloseq, which also provides tools for diversity analysis. The main strength of metacoder is that its functions use the flexible data types defined by taxa, which has powerful parsing and subsetting abilities that take into account the hierarchical relationship between taxa and user-defined data. In general, metacoder and taxa are more of an abstracted tool kit, whereas phyloseq has more specialized functions for community diversity data, but they both can do similar things. I encourage you to try both to see which fits your needs and style best. You can also combine the two in a single analysis by converting between the two data types when needed.

keychain-manager - Keychain Manager is a key system that helps you better manager your keys which is based around accounts with hierarchical deterministic (HD) keychains made up of ECDSA keypairs

  •    Javascript

Here we use the terminology that is a bit different from the terminology in other HD key systems, like in the original BIP32 proposal. We take "keychain" to mean a hierarchical deterministic BIP32 key, where any number of keys can be derived from it.

himl - A hierarchical yaml config in Python

  •    Python

A hierarchical config using yaml in Python. A python module which allows you to merge hierarchical config files using YAML syntax. It offers deep merge, variable interpolation and secrets retrieval from secrets managers.

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