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pliim - One click and be ready to go up on stage and shine!

  •    Javascript

One click to hide desktop icons, turn off notifications and hide active apps


  •    Java

Drag RCTSplashScreen.xcodeproj to your project on Xcode. Click on your main project file (the one that represents the .xcodeproj) select Build Phases and drag libRCTSplashScreen.a from the Products folder inside the RCTSplashScreen.xcodeproj.

zevenseas Show/Hide SharePoint 2010 Ribbon


This solution helps you optimize your screen space. The SharePoint 2010 ribbon is consuming, by installing this solution you can easily show or collapse the ribbon in a very fluent experience.

rn-splash-screen - A JavaScript-controlled splash-screen for React Native designed to be run directly after the native splash-screen

  •    Objective-C

A JavaScript-controlled splash-screen designed to be run directly after the native splash-screen. The splash screen must be hidden from JavaScript. This can be done as late as possible so as to give your application more time to "load".

react-show - ⚛️ 🌔 React-Show - A 3kb show/hide component for React.

  •    Javascript

A graphics accelerated dependency-free animation component for React. The default export and main component for React-Show.

jqExpire - A jQuery plugin to automatically hide page elements after an 'expiry' date and/or time.

  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin to automatically hide page elements after an 'expiry' date and/or time.


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin,which allows to minimize (collapse, hide) a long table down to integer row number.

lsb - Steganography cheap trick - hide string data in the least-significant bits of an array.

  •    Javascript

See example code for image hiding in the demo or voxel-painter.Where channel is the array to hide the stegotext string in. iterator is an optional callback for determining the index of each hidden byte, if you want to get tricky.

hide-secrets - for when you want to log an object but hide certain restricted fields, e.g., password

  •    Javascript

for when you want to log objects, but hide certain restricted fields, e.g., passwords.

hyper-hide-title - Hide the Hyper window title when there is only one tab

  •    Javascript

The title isn't very useful when you only have one tab as you can already see what's happening.Add hyper-hide-title to the plugins list in your ~/.hyper.js config file and restart Hyper.

cli-cursor - Toggle the CLI cursor

  •    Javascript

The cursor is gracefully restored if the process exits.force is useful to show or hide the cursor based on a boolean.

mongoose-hidden - A Mongoose schema plugin for filtering properties you usually do not want to sent client-side like passwords and ids

  •    Javascript

A Mongoose schema plugin that hooks into toJSON() and toObject() to allow hiding of properties you do not want sent client-side, like passwords and other secrets and sensitive information. A property will be hidden in all cases when toJSON and toObject is invoked if the property parameter hide is used. Alternatively use hideJSON or hideObject to target either of the serialization functions.

react-password-mask - Show/hide the contents of a password field.

  •    Javascript

Show/hide the contents of a password field. Use useVendorStyles={false} to disable the default CSS styles from the package. You can then style the component from scratch using inputStyles/buttonStyles or inputClassName/buttonClassName.

RSKKeyboardAnimationObserver - Showing / dismissing keyboard animation in simple UIViewController category

  •    Objective-C

Easy way to handle iOS keyboard showing/dismissing. Working with iOS keyboard demands a lot of duplicated code. This category allows you to declare your animations with smooth keyboard animation timing while writing very little code.

react-smooth-collapse - React component for animating showing or hiding an element

  •    Javascript

This component lets you animate the height of an element to reveal or hide its contents. The animation automatically adjusts to the natural height of the contents. A: You can't animate from "auto". This component has the height set to "auto" while the element is expanded, and when the element is set to collapse, the element's height is set to equal its current height, and then set to "0" so that it animates shrinking correctly.

vista - Really easy, CSS-based, location-driven display control for your elements.

  •    Javascript

In a typical webapp, the URL loads a different page of HTML elements. But in a single page webapp, all elements live in the same page but only some are displayed at any one time. Vista makes it easy, even necessary, to keep that meaningful relationship between the URL and the elements that are displayed. After all, if you use the URL to control element display, you can't forget to update the URL. This means you always support the back button, deep linking, and bookmarks. Vista lets you manage element display in a way that is simple, declarative, decoupled, and fast. Just add a vista="url-section-here" attribute to your element, and it will only be displayed when the URL has a section like that. Nothing else needed. If you want more complex URL tests, Vista lets you declare those in markup too. There's no manual display toggling, nor custom CSS, nor extra JavaScript to write. Vista works with frameworks or on its own. It has no dependencies, no known conflicts, and few constraints.

vue-if-bot - Hide stuff from bots (especially cookie consents)

  •    Javascript

As you know, the GDPR is coming (or more likely: is already applicable when you read this). With it, a lot of information banners, consents concerning cookies, privacy policies and so on. The average user will see those banners once (a year, that's the law), but search engine crawlers will always see it (as they don't have any cookies and won't click on it). On every page. Depending on the screen size they take, this could be annoying and even influence your SEO (negatively).

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