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zevenseas Show/Hide SharePoint 2010 Ribbon


This solution helps you optimize your screen space. The SharePoint 2010 ribbon is consuming, by installing this solution you can easily show or collapse the ribbon in a very fluent experience.


  •    ASP

GusNet, the suite which allows to integrate Http services with a minimum coding. Http server, HTTP proxy and TOR access are some of the features included.

electron-eval - Run code inside a hidden Electron window

  •    Javascript

electron-eval gives you a way to access a headless browser (Chromium) from Node.js. This can be useful for testing browser-specific code, or using web APIs that are in browsers but not yet in Node (such as WebRTC).This module runs without any prior setup on non-headless machines.

mongoose-hidden - A Mongoose schema plugin for filtering properties you usually do not want to sent client-side like passwords and ids

  •    Javascript

A Mongoose schema plugin that hooks into toJSON() and toObject() to allow hiding of properties you do not want sent client-side, like passwords and other secrets and sensitive information. A property will be hidden in all cases when toJSON and toObject is invoked if the property parameter hide is used. Alternatively use hideJSON or hideObject to target either of the serialization functions.

cli-prompt - Allows you to prompt for user input on the command line, and optionally hide the characters they type

  •    PHP

While prompting for user input using fgets() is quite easy, sometimes you need to prompt for sensitive information. In these cases, the characters typed in by the user should not be directly visible, and this is quite a pain to do in a cross-platform way. Prompts the user for input and hides what they type. If this fails for any reason and $allowFallback is set to true the prompt will be done using the usual fgets() and characters will be visible.

android-hidden-camera - This library is to take picture using camera without camera preview.

  •    Java

This library allows application to take the picture using the device camera without showing the preview of it. Any application can capture the image from front or rear camera from the background service and this library will handle all the complexity on behalf of the application. You can capture images from activity, fragment and even from the background service using this library. Step-1: Inherit the builtin class.

hmm - A Hidden Markov Model implemented in Javascript

  •    CoffeeScript

This module implements a Hidden Markov Model featuring methods to obtain the real generation probability and Viterbi approximations as well as methods to initialize and/or reestimate a HMM given a set of generated items with Viterbi re-estimation and linear segmentation. Implementation itself depends on no additional module.

ansi-colors - Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal.

  •    Javascript

Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal. A faster drop-in replacement for chalk, kleur and turbocolor (without the dependencies and rendering bugs). Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.


  •    Javascript

PageLifecycle.js is a tiny JavaScript library (<1K gzipped) that allows developers to easily observe Page Lifecycle API state changes and implement Page Lifecycle best practices consistently across all browsers. Use this version for maximum compatibility with legacy browsers (that can't run ES2015+ code).

vue-visible - v-visible directive for VueJS

  •    Javascript

This plugins adds a v-visible directive (similar to the native v-show) that changes the visibility style of the applied element (hidden or visible).

redact-secrets - Deeply iterate over an object and redact secret values by replacing them with a predefined string

  •    Javascript

Deeply iterate over an object and redact secret values by replacing them with a predefined string. This module exposes a init function which takes a single argument: The string used as a replacement variable for values that are redacted.