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nbdime - Tools for diffing and merging of Jupyter notebooks.

  •    Python

nbdime provides tools for diffing and merging of Jupyter Notebooks. See the installation docs for more installation details and development installation instructions.

nuclide - An open IDE for web and native mobile development, built on top of Atom

  •    Javascript

Nuclide is a collection of features for Atom to provide IDE-like functionality for a variety of programming languages and technologies. The Nuclide license has certain limitations around distribution and should not be considered an open source license. However, this does not affect your ability to fork the project and make contributions.

SourceTree - A free Git client for Windows or Mac.


SourceTree is a free Git and Hg client for Windows and Mac. SourceTree can bring everyone up to speed with Git and Mercurial. Create, clone, commit, push, pull, merge, and more are all just a click away. This is free and NOT open source.



Mercurial source control provider plugin for MS Visual Studio 2005, MS Visual Studio 2008 and MS Visual Studio 2010.

MSBuild Mercurial Tasks


MSBuild Mercuria Tasks adds Mercurial management to MSBuild. This project is developed in C#.


  •    DotNet

.NET wrapper class library for the Mercurial Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) - (http://mercurial.selenic.com/), written in C# 3.0 for the .NET 3.5 Client Profile runtime.



Mercurial integration for Windows Powershell


  •    Python

Mercurial pager with color support on Windows

Mercurial to Team Foundation Server Work Item Hook


This is a Mercurial hook that will mark Team Foundation Server work items as resolved with a specific format in the commit description.

vcs - VCS Repo management through a common interface in Go

  •    Go

Manage repos in varying version control systems with ease through a common interface.In this case NewRepo will detect the VCS is Git and return a GitRepo. All of the repos implement the Repo interface with a common set of features between them.

dev-scripts - A collection of scripts for development work with Git, Hg, Gerrit and Android.

  •    Ruby

This is a loose collection of miscellaneous scripts (mostly Bash or Ruby) for development work with Git and Hg version control, Gerrit code review, and the Android OS. The scripts are tested best with the "Git Bash" that comes with "Git for Windows" but should run just fine under Linux and / or Mac OS X.

strider-bitbucket - Bitbucket git provider for Strider

  •    Javascript

This module provides seamless integration between strider and bitbucket, including automatic addition/deletion of ssh-keys, and commit and pull-request webhooks. Note no training slash.

gitopen - :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Open git/hg/svn remote url from web browser.

  •    Javascript

Open git/hg/svn remote url from web browser. If you are use GitBucket, tell me please.

atom-blame - Show git blame as a gutter in Atom editor

  •    Javascript

Show blame annotations. You can customize the gutter colors by adding the following lines to your stylesheet (~/.atom/styles.less).