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hexyl - A command-line hex viewer

  •    Rust

hexyl is a simple hex viewer for the terminal. It uses a colored output to distinguish different categories of bytes (NULL bytes, printable ASCII characters, ASCII whitespace characters, other ASCII characters and non-ASCII). ... and other Debian-based Linux distributions.

jshashes - Fast and dependency-free cryptographic hashing library for node

  •    Javascript

jshashes is lightweight library implementing the most extended cryptographic hash function algorithms in pure JavaScript (ES5 compliant).You can use the simple command-line interface to generate hashes.

postcss-color-rgba-fallback - PostCSS plugin to transform rgba() to hexadecimal.

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to transform rgba() to hexadecimal.Allows you to specify a background color to use as a base alpha matte.

hashbow - Hexadecimal hashes of everything

  •    Javascript

Hashbow creates hexadecimal colors of everything. You can think of it like a crypto library, but instead of outputting md5s or sha1s it turns everything into color hashes. outputs #40BFA8, a lovely mid turquiose blue.

constant_time_encoding - Constant-Time Character Encoding in PHP Projects

  •    PHP

Based on the constant-time base64 implementation made by Steve "Sc00bz" Thomas, this library aims to offer character encoding functions that do not leak information about what you are encoding/decoding via processor cache misses. Further reading on cache-timing attacks. Version 2 of this library should work on PHP 7 or newer. For PHP 5 support, see the v1.x branch.

BinFind - Perform regex pattern matching on binary data. (Regex-like)

  •    C++

A C++ class for performing regex-like searches on binary data. There's a simple example you can compile and run in main.cpp as well.

ethaddrgen - Custom Ethereum vanity address generator made in Rust

  •    Rust

Disclaimer: Do not use the private key shown in this demo; it's public, strangers could steal your Eth. Never share your private key with anyone. It's your and only your responsibility to keep your private key in secret. Download the latest release here. To display usage, run ethaddrgen -h or ethaddrgen --help for a longer version. ethaddrgen expects the last arguments to be patterns. If no patterns are provided as arguments, ethaddrgen reads patterns from the standard input where each pattern is on a separate line.

glslify-hex - A transform stream for glslify that replaces CSS-style hexadecimal colors with `vec3/vec4` definitions

  •    Javascript

A transform stream for [glslify](http://github.com/chrisdickinson/glslify) that replaces CSS-style hexadecimal colors with `vec3/vec4` definitions.

bst - Binary String Toolkit (BST)

  •    C

The Binary String Toolkit or BST for short is a rather simple utility to convert binary strings to various formats suitable for inclusions in source codes, such as those used to develop exploits and Proof of Concepts in the security field. This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

hex - 🔮 Futuristic take on hexdump, made in Rust.

  •    Rust

Futuristic take on hexdump. hex takes a file as input and outputs a hexadecimal colorized view to stdout.

xhex - Hexadecimal encoding, 20x faster than stdlib

  •    Go

Hexadecimal encoding, 20x faster than stdlib.

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