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intermine-registry - Registry to store and browse all known instances of InterMine

  •    Javascript

InterMine Registry is a place where all the up-to-date instances information is stored and can be consumed by applications like Blue Genes, iOS, InterMine R, the friendly mine tool or available to everyone who needs it. The core of InterMine Registry is its RESTful API. Running over Node.js integrated with MongoDB, it contains methods (endpoints) to administer the instances on the registry (add, update & delete) and search among them. Furthermore, InterMine Registry also includes a nice fully responsive front-end web application, from which everyone can see all the InterMine instances and search among them. InterMine registry was entirely implemented and developed as a GSoC 2017 program project by the student Leonardo Kuffo. Click here to find all of Leonardo's contributions for the project as evidence of his work.