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Firefly III - A personal finances manager

  •    PHP

"Firefly III" is a (self-hosted) manager for your personal finances. It can help you keep track of your expenses and income, so you can spend less and save more. Firefly III supports the use of budgets, categories and tags. It can import data from external sources and it has many neat financial reports available.

socify - :rocket: Socify is an open source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails

  •    Ruby

Socify is an open source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails. Here is the blog post: How to build a social network using Rails. Updated the Rails version to 5.0. Thanks to @briankung for the Pull Request. There are some more things to be upgraded which will be done shortly. Refer this for the list of changes to be done https://hashrocket.com/blog/posts/how-to-upgrade-to-rails-5.

CommonsNet - Sharing and Transparency for WiFi Networks

  •    Javascript

Across the world there are different legal settings and requirements for sharing of Internet connections and specifically Open Wifi connections. CommonsNet website reflects these details. We provide with a great tool to collect all wifi details and enable people to share them with others. Our simple and easy-to-follow form let gather WiFi information in a orderly and transparent manner, and then immediately generate a human readable file to download or machine readable file of the level of sharing that is offered by someone to copy and paste on website and make transparent details public.

shareabouts - Shareabouts is a mapping application for crowdsourced info gathering.

  •    Javascript

Shareabouts is an online mapping tool to gather crowdsourced public input in a social and engaging process. Using Shareabouts, people can drop a pin on a map to provide ideas, suggestions, and comments for planning and design issues. And as a mobile-friendly application, Shareabouts makes it easy to add input on the go. It's helpful, but not required, to know about the architecture of Shareabouts before starting.

CodeRunner - A cloud compiler made using Node.js to run code and get it's output on browser.

  •    Javascript

A cloud compiler made using Node.js to run code and get it's output on browser.

splash-volunteer - Splash page for PaaS based volunteer computing experiments

  •    Javascript

Splash page for PaaS based volunteer computing experiments. Data files are in the data branch, divided by experiment sets.

learn-devops - :construction: Learn the craft of "DevOps" (Developer Operations) to Deploy your App and Monitor it so it stays "Up"!

  •    Ruby

Everyone that wants to seriously consider/call themself a "Full Stack" Developer must know how to deploy, secure and monitor their app on their chosen infrastructure. Over the years we @dwyl have deployed/managed Apps, both our own and those of our clients, on a wide variety of infrastructure and platform providers.

eva - A Hubot for the Metakgp Slack channel

  •    CoffeeScript

Eva is a chat bot built on the Hubot framework. It was initially generated by generator-hubot, and configured to be deployed on Heroku to get you up and running as quick as possible. This is deployed on Heroku. The name of the app is metakgp-eva. If you want to push changes to eva, open a PR on this repository. The heroku application is owned by Vikrant Varma.


  •    Javascript

Node.js es un entorno de programación en JavaScript para Back-end creado a partir del motor V8 de Google Chrome. Node.js permite crear servidores HTTP muy rápidamente y gestionar peticiones con mucha mayor agilidad que entornos tradicionales como PHP y MySQL. El programa del Curso de Node.js está diseñado para que los alumnos descubran la bases y fundamentos del desarrollo con JavaScript en el lado del servidor y adquieran las capacidades necesarias para automatizar tareas del día a día como la minificación y el testing.

truffle-voting-dapp-ropsten - Example Blockchain voting DApp with truffle on ropsten testnet

  •    Javascript

We develop a DApp where the users can create proposals and vote them. Of course, they can vote once per proposal with the options in support, against or absence. For Spanish speaking readers, you can read more about this tutorial.

honeyku - A Heroku-based web honeypot that can be used to create and monitor fake HTTP endpoints (i

  •    Python

honeyku (a sister project of honeyλ) is a simple Heroku-based web honeypot that can be used to create and monitor fake HTTP endpoints (i.e. honeytokens). Honeyku allows you to create and monitor fake HTTP endpoints automatically. You can then place these URL honeytokens in e.g. your inbox, documents, browser history, or embed them as {hidden} links in your web pages. Depending on how and where you implement honeytokens, you may detect human attackers, malicious insiders, content scrapers, or bad bots.

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