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hermes - Golang package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional mail

  •    Go

Hermes is the Go port of the great mailgen engine for Node.js. Check their work, it's awesome! It's a package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional e-mails (welcome e-mails, reset password e-mails, receipt e-mails and so on), and associated plain text fallback.Theme templates will be embedded in your application binary. If you want to use external templates (for configuration), use your own theme by implementing hermes.Theme interface with code searching for your files.

Hermes Distribution Framework


A framework for implementing transactional file systems.

hermes - Fast and reliable message broker built on top of Kafka.

  •    Java

Hermes is an asynchronous message broker built on top of Kafka. We provide reliable, fault tolerant REST interface for message publishing and adaptive push mechanisms for message sending.Questions? We are on gitter.

node-hydna - Hydna bindings for Node.js

  •    Javascript

The node.js hydna library is a straight-forward implementation of the wink binary protocol. The module has been closely modeled to the native node.js modules and the usage pattern should come naturally to developers using other node.js modules. The module does not have any external dependencies. A read/write channel is opened and event-listeners for connect and error are attached to the channel.

hermes-core - Hermes-core, a PoC implementation of Hermes access control and data sharing scheme

  •    C

Hermes-core is a proof of concept for Hermes. Hermes is a cryptography-based method of providing protected data storage and sharing that allows enforcing cryptographically checked CRUD permissions to data blocks and doesn't let server that's running Hermes do anything worse than DoS. In other words, Hermes enables collaboration and distributed data sharing through enforcing access control with the help of cryptographic methods.

hermes-protocol - Definition of the Hermes protocol used by the Snips platform

  •    Rust

This repository contains the definition of the hermes protocol used by the Snips platform. hermes is a protocol used by all the components of the Snips platform to communicate with each other. For example an user app for the platform can use hermes to be notified that a new intent was detected. An other example could when the dialogue component asks the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) component to start capturing user speech, this will also be done through hermes.

hermes-profile-transformer - TypeScript tool for converting Hermes Sampling Profiler output to Chrome Dev Tools format

  •    TypeScript

Visualize Facebook's Hermes JavaScript runtime profile traces in Chrome Developer Tools. The Hermes runtime, used by React Native for Android, is able to output Chrome Trace Events in JSON Object Format.

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