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101 - A modern JS utility library

  •    Javascript

Just like ES6's Object.assign. Extend an object with any number of objects (returns original). Functional version of &&. Works great with array.reduce.

gh - GitHub command line tools made with NodeJS

  •    Javascript

All the power of GitHub in your terminal. The verbose flag is useful for debugging issues. The insane flag is a more complete verbose flag, which leaks more privacy sensitive data by default.

drei - 🌭 useful helpers for react-three-fiber

  •    Javascript

A growing collection of useful helpers and abstractions for react-three-fiber. The native route of the library does not export Html or Loader. The default export of the library is web which does export Html and Loader.

ember-composable-helpers - Composable helpers for declarative templating in Ember

  •    Javascript

ember-composable-helpers is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Ember.js consulting. Both only and except can be safely used together (the addon computes the diff), although it's best if you only use one for your own sanity.

swag - Swag is a growing collection of helpers for handlebars templates.

  •    CoffeeScript

This method will register all Swag helpers with the instance of Handlebars you pass to it. If you don't pass any instance of Handlebars, Swag will use the Handlebars instace available in the global context.

helpers - Provides backwards compatibility for helpers in the latest Laravel release.

  •    PHP

This package provides a backwards compatibility layer for Laravel 5.8 helpers in the latest Laravel release. We are not accepting new helpers.

Enterprise ASP.NET Suite

  •    ASPNET

Incorporates everything you need for an enterprise ASP.NET application into a suite of easy-to-use libraries. There's support for easy localization, e-mail (and e-mail templating with localization), custom configuration on a per-machine basis, URL rewriting, Windows services w...

.NET Framework Extensions Packages


Lightweight NuGet packages with reusable source code extending core .NET functionality, typically in self-contained source files added to your projects as internal classes that can be easily kept up-to-date with NuGet.

Simple lorem Ipsum generator helper


Hi, Lorem Ipsum generator allows web page designers to quicly add dummy content to their site. Developed in C# , you no longer have to worry about writing dummy content will testing your pages. Just enter the following code : @Utils.LoremIpsum.generate(); and voila !

PagerHelper for ASP.NET MVC3

  •    ASPNET

PagerHelper for ASP.NET MVC3 makes it easier for add pagination to your website.


  •    CSharp

Elevate is an easy to pick up library containing things you wish were in the BCL. Use one component or many. Contribute your own utilities. Share your ideas with the community. Elevate is developed in C#. Currently, we're focused on adding concepts from functional languages.

Andrew's XNA Helpers

  •    CSharp

A collection of classes to make game development easier using the Xna framework.


  •    DotNet

The project contains some of a very useful helpers and extension methods for .NET and SharePoint.

ASP.net MVC Awesome - jQuery Ajax Helpers

  •    JQuery

It contains a rich set of helpers (controls) that you can use to build highly responsive and interactive Ajax-enabled Web applications. These helpers include Autocomplete, AjaxDropdown, Lookup, MultiLookup, AjaxForm, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckBoxList, DatePicker, Confirm Dialog,...

The Helper Trinity

  •    DotNet

This project contains a set of helper classes for most any .NET application: argument checking, event raising, and exception raising. The code supports my article [url:The Helper Trinity|http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cs/thehelpertrinity.aspx]. For now at least, documentation i...


  •    ASPNET

Captcha HtmlHelper for ASP.NET MVC 3 with simple ariphmetic expression. No WCF required, neither any other communications. Written in C#.

Visual Studio Snippets

  •    CSharp

A collection of Microsoft(R) Visual Studio snippet.

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