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helm-certgen - Helm plugin for generation of TLS certificates

  •    Go

This repository is for certgen plugin for Kubernetes Helm CLI. This plugin enables TLS certificate generation for helm charts. To use the helm-certgen plugin, the helm charts should have a cert.yaml file which outlines the requirements for certificates (the CSR details, alias names etc.,). The plugin will use these information to generate the certificates and place them as a Kubernetes secret in the appropriate namespace.

helm-github - Implement a Helm chart repository with GitHub pages

  •    Shell

GitHub and GitHub Pages integration with Helm. This provides tools for working with GitHub. Mainly, it is for using GitHub Pages as a chart repository by storing charts in the 'docs/' directory of the current project.

helm-keybase - Keybase signature, verification, and hosting for Helm charts

  •    Shell

This plugin provides Keybase services to Helm. This requires that you have installed the Keybase command line client.

helm-template - Helm plugin to add client-side 'helm template' command.

  •    Go

This is a Helm plugin to help chart developers debug their charts. It works like helm install --dry-run --debug, except that it runs locally, has more output options, and is quite a bit faster. Render chart templates locally and display the output.

helm-secrets - A helm plugin that help manage secrets with Git workflow and store them anywhere

  •    Shell

Developed and used in all environments in BaseCRM. We store secrets and values in helm_vars dir structure just like in this repository example dir. All this data versioned in GIT. Working in teams on multiple projects/regions/envs and multiple secrets files at once. We have Makefile in our Helm charts repo to simplify install helm-secrets plugin with helm and other stuff we use. Same Makefile used to rebuild all helm charts with dependencies and some other everyday helpers. Encrypting, Decrypting, Editing secrets on local clones, making #PR's and storing this in our helm charts repo encrypted with PGP, AWS KMS and GCP KMS. Deploying using helm-wrapper from local or from CI with same charts and secrets/values from GIT repository.

helm-gpg - Chart signing and verification with GnuPG for Helm.

  •    Shell

Helm has the ability to cryptographically sign and verify charts. This plugin provides integration with GnuPG, making it easier to use than the default helm signing and verifying commands. It is also more secure, since it supports passphrase-encrypted keys. Also check out the Helm Keybase plugin.

helm-whatup - A Helm plugin to help users determine if there's an update available for their installed charts

  •    Shell

This is a Helm plugin to help users determine if there's an update available for their installed charts. It works by reading your locally cached index files from the chart repositories (via helm repo update) and checking the version against the latest deployed version of your charts in the Kubernetes cluster. The above will fetch the latest binary release of helm whatup and install it.

helm-convert - Convert Helm charts into Kustomize compatible package

  •    Go

Charts are curated application definitions for Helm, this plugin let you convert existing charts into Kustomize compatible package. If you don't have Helm installed, you can just download the binary from the release page.

helm-monitor - Monitor K8S Helm release, rollback on metrics behavior (Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Sentry)

  •    Go

Monitor a release, rollback to a previous version depending on the result of a PromQL (Prometheus), events (Sentry), Lucene or DSL query (ElasticSearch). A rollback happen only if the number of result from the query is greater than 0.

helm-s3 - Helm plugin that allows to use AWS S3 as a [private] chart repository.

  •    Go

The Helm plugin that provides s3 protocol support. This allows you to have private Helm chart repositories hosted on Amazon S3. Refer to this article written by @andrewlock to get a detailed use case overview.

helm-env - Helm plugin to show current environment

  •    Shell

Print out the current Helm environment.

helm-gcs - Manage Helm repositories on Google Cloud Storage

  •    Go

helm-gcs is a helm plugin that allows you to manage private helm repositories on Google Cloud Storage. See the GCP documentation for more information.

helm-push - Helm plugin to push chart package to ChartMuseum

  •    Go

The --version flag can be provided, which will push the package with a custom version. If you want to enable something like --version="latest", which you intend to push regularly, you will need to run your ChartMuseum server with ALLOW_OVERWRITE=true.

autohelm - Helm tool to simplify management and installation of multiple releases.

  •    Python

Further customization is documented below. Optional. The kubectl cluster context to use for installing, defaults to the current context.

k8comp - Kubernetes parameterized deployments manifests/templates https://cststack.github.io/k8comp/

  •    Shell

K8comp is a tool which substitutes any templates variables declared in the format %{VARIABLE default "DEFAULT_VALUE"} or %{VARIABLE} with values from a files hierarchy using hiera. The tool was created to simplify apps deployments for Kubernetes but it can be used to template any other type of files.

helm-unittest - BDD styled unit test framework for Kubernetes Helm charts as a Helm plugin.

  •    Go

If you are ready for writing tests, check the DOCUMENT for the test API in YAML. It will install the latest version of binary into helm plugin directory.

helm-backup - Helm plugin which performs backup/restore of releases in a namespace to/from a file

  •    Go

The above will fetch the latest binary release of helm backup and install it. If you would like to handle the build yourself, instead of fetching a binary, this is how recommend doing it.

helm-update-config - Helm plugin that allows to update config values of existing release.

  •    Go

This plugin adds helm update-config command to Helm CLI. It allows to update config values of an existing release running in the cluster. The plugin will reuse all the values defined in previous releases. If you want to override those you can set --reset-values flag the same way you do for helm upgrade.

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