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Windows Azure AppFabric Learning Series


This is a video series which will demonstrate to developers and architects the basics of working with Windows Azure A?ppFabric.

Hello Real World

  •    CSharp

The ultimate C# .Net "Hello World!" tutorial. This project is a series of samples showing not just how to write code, but also how you can and why should do things to make your code better. Are you ready for .Net in the real world?

loopback-next-hello-world - Quick start tutorial for LoopBack.next.

  •    TypeScript

LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations.LoopBack.next, the next version of LoopBack, is being designed to make it even easier to extend the framework for your own needs. Loopback.next will also include the latest JavaScript features.

hello-startup-site - The website and mobile app for the book "Hello, Startup" by Yevgeniy Brikman

  •    Javascript

This is the website and mobile app for Hello, Startup: A Programmer's Guide to Building Products, Technologies, and Teams, an O'Reilly book by Yevgeniy Brikman. The grunt command runs grunt watch, which will watch for changes in the background and recompile everything as necessary. Jekyll is a bit slow, so it can take ~5 seconds for your changes to be visible.

reactjs-docker-helloworld - Simple Hello World app with ReactJS + Docker

  •    Javascript

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. NEW! Check out our newest project React Native, which uses React and JavaScript to create native mobile apps.

skill-hello-world - Mycroft AI Hello World Skill - use this basic Skill to see how Mycroft AI Skills work

  •    Python

This is a basic Hello Word Skill that takes an Utterance from the user and provides a voice response - a Dialog. This Skill demonstrates the basic directory and file structure of a Mycroft Skill, and is a good first Skill to study if you are interested in developing Skills for the Mycroft ecosystem.

example.java.helloworld - "Hello World" Example for Java

  •    Java

This is "Hello World" Example for Java. This generate the Main.class file into HelloWorld directory.

examples - IOpipe Example Projects

  •    Java

Get started with AWS Lambda & IOpipe quickly with these starter projects. This will download the dependencies for iopipe into your node_modules folder and package the assets into archive.zip.

hello-wayland - A hello world Wayland client, 2018 edition

  •    C

A hello world Wayland client, 2018 edition. This is a simple client showing a picture. It uses the xdg-shell protocol.

spark-hello-world - A simple hello world using Apache Spark

  •    Scala

Install Apache Spark and SBT first. In submit-spark.hello-world.sh, set SPARK_HOME pointing to the above spark installation.

hello-lambda - :fire: An example of a Python (AWS) Lambda exposed with API Gateway, configured with Terraform

  •    HCL

This project is an example of a Python (AWS) Lambda exposed with API Gateway, configured with Terraform. This demo project is related to the following blog post: A Tour of AWS Lambda. You must have an AWS account. Next, you must install Terraform first.

hellomello - Experiments with writing Android apps in Nim

  •    C++

...aaand you should have a hello.apk file now, ready to be installed on an ARM-based Android device. Worked For Me™... In case of problems installing or opening the apk on your device, try running adb logcat (yep, that requires Android Studio... or you could try python-adb). I suggest searching for "InstallInstall" and "InstallFail" messages, verifier/verification messages, and Java-like exception stack traces. You're welcome to post your problems as issues on this repository, but I can't promise I will be able to help you in any way. We can treat them as "observations" or "reports". Maybe someone else will come by and suggest some steps for future experimenters.

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