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helix - Native Ruby extensions without fear

  •    Rust

Helix allows you to write Ruby classes in Rust without having to write the glue code yourself.Helix has been tested with the following, though other combinations may also work.

Helix 3D Toolkit

  •    WPF

Helix 3D Toolkit is a collection of custom controls and helper classes for WPF.

go-helix - A Go implementation of Apache Helix (currently the participant part only).

  •    Go

A Go implementation of Apache Helix. Currently the participant part only, compatible with the Apache Helix Java controller.

helix-cli - Command-line tools for developing with helix

  •    Javascript

Install hlx as a global command. You need Node 8 or newer. Just change contents in your project directory and reload http://localhost:3000 to see the results.

htlengine - An HTL (Sightly) Interpreter/Compiler for Node.js

  •    Javascript

This engine can parse HTL scripts and builds a command stream. The command stream can either be intepreted or used to generate code. This project provides a Javascript (ES6) generator and runtime which allows to execute the scripts and use-classes. currently not very cool. just passes the given file into the HTML parser and outputs the tree again.

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