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libvips - A fast image processing library with low memory needs

  •    C

libvips is a demand-driven, horizontally threaded image processing library. Compared to similar libraries, libvips runs quickly and uses little memory. It has around 300 operations covering arithmetic, histograms, convolution, morphological operations, frequency filtering, colour, resampling, statistics and others.

tifig - A fast HEIF image converter aimed at thumbnailing

  •    C++

Converts HEIF images created on iOS 11 devices as fast as humanly possible. NOTE: While we do not have the time to actively maintain tifig anymore, it is functional at a very alpha state. We are open to new maintainers taking the lead.

UIImageHEIC - UIImage category that adds familiar HEIC encoding.

  •    Objective-C

Apple introduced widespread HEIC support with iOS 11, but the APIs for it are somewhat low level. This tiny project adds a familiar interface for encoding UIImages into HEIC data similar to what we're doing with JPEG or PNG data. Add the UIImage+HEIC.h and UIImage+HEIC.m source files to your project. At the moment you must be using Xcode 9 / building with the iOS 11 SDK to use this.

ISOBMFF - C++ Library for ISO/IEC 14496-12 - ISO Base Media File Format (QuickTime, MPEG-4, HEIF, etc)

  •    C++

ISOBMFF is a cross-platform C++ library for reading/parsing files in the ISO Base Media File Format (ISO/IEC 14496-12). Support for editing/writing files is not available at the moment, but the library has been designed for this goal in mind, so writing support will eventually become available.

ISOBMFF-Explorer - Introspection utility for files in the ISO Base Media File Format

  •    Objective-C

ISOBMFF-Explorer is a macOS utility that displays the structure and data of files conforming to the «ISO Base Media File Format» standard (ISO/IEC 14496-12). ISOBMFF-Explorer is released under the terms of the MIT License.

go-exif-knife - Perform surgical operations on EXIF data at the command-line with JPG, PNG, HEIC, and TIFF files

  •    Go

This is a command-line tool to perform a multitude of surgical operations on the EXIF data in any file that contains it. This tool has been written on top of go-exif, a complete EXIF implementation.

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