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article-title - Extract the article title of a HTML document

  •    HTML

It's often quite hard to get the actual title of an article from a page as authors either add a bunch of trash to <title> or don't use it at all. There's also no standardized way to indicate the title of an article in the markup. This module uses some heuristics to extract it cleanly.

hfill - A speculative polyfill to use the h element in HTML

  •    Javascript

hfill lets you use the speculative h element in HTML. The h element would allow web authors to provide contextual headings without specifying an explicit level.

markdown-it-headinganchor - markdown-it plugin that adds an anchor (i

  •    Javascript

This is a markdown-it plugin that adds an anchor (i.e., <a name=\"blah\"...>) to headings. There are other plugins that add an id attribute (valeriangalliat/markdown-it-anchor) or name attribute (leff/markdown-it-named-headers) to headings, but neither of these approches work for adding anchors that are not stripped out of email.

github-slugger - :octocat: Generate a slug just like GitHub does for markdown headings.

  •    Javascript

Generate a slug just like GitHub does for markdown headings. It also ensures slugs are unique in the same way GitHub does it. The overall goal of this package is to emulate the way GitHub handles generating markdown heading anchors as close as possible. Check test/index.js for more examples.

react-accessible-headings - Makes it easier to keep heading levels semantic and accessible (WCAG)

  •    TypeScript

Skipping heading ranks can be confusing and should be avoided where possible: Make sure that a <h2> is not followed directly by an <h4>, for example. So an accessible app must have heading levels like this...

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