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elasticstack - :card_index: Configurable indexing and other extras for Haystack (with ElasticSearch biases)

  •    Python

Configurable indexing and other extras for Haystack (with ElasticSearch biases). Full documentation is on Read the Docs.

django-haystackbrowser - View and debug the data in your Haystack search indexes, from within the Django admin

  •    Python

A plug-and-play Django application for viewing, browsing and debugging data discovered in your Haystack Search Indexes. I love Haystack but I'm sometimes not sure what data I have in it. When a query isn't producing the result I'd expect, debugging it traditionally involves using the Python REPL to inspect the SearchQuerySet, and while I'm not allergic to doing that, it can be inconvenient, and doesn't scale well when you need to make multiple changes.

pitchfork - Pitchfork converts tracing data between Zipkin and Haystack formats

  •    Java

Pitchfork lifts Zipkin tracing data into Haystack. Haystack is an Expedia-backed project to facilitate detection and remediation of problems with enterprise-level web services and websites. Much like Zipkin, its primary goal is to provide an easy to use UI to analyse distributed tracing data, but it offers other features like trend analysis or adaptive alerting.

haystack-docker - Repository with docker-compose files to start Haystack components in sandbox

  •    TSQL

The command above starts haystack components, and two sample web applications with the haystack-agent. It may take a minute or two for the containers to come up and connect with each other. Haystack's agent will be available on host port 35000 (i.e., localhost: 35000).