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ManageIQ - Discover, Optimize, and Control your Hybrid IT

  •    Ruby

ManageIQ is an open-source Management Platform that delivers the insight, control, and automation that enterprises need to address the challenges of managing hybrid IT environments.

Hawkular metrics - Time Series Metrics Engine based on Cassandra

  •    Java

Hawkular Metrics is a metrics collection, aggregation, visualization framework. Hawkular is a set of Open Source projects designed to be a generic solution for common monitoring problems. The Hawkular projects provide REST services that can be used for all kinds of monitoring needs. The aim is to provide a generic solution that can be used for common monitoring problems.

hawkfx - Hawkular explorer written in (J)Ruby with a JavaFX frontend.

  •    Ruby

You need a version of Java8 later than 8u45, and as of now JRuby 9.1.5 is required, as later versions have a problem that prevents JRubyFX from working correctly. Hawkular is a set of components for Monitoring. This explorer connects to a Hawkular server and allows to browse trough inventory and view entities, graph metrics.

hawkinit - Simple CLI tool that spawns linked docker containers with Hawkular and some monitored stuff

  •    Javascript

Simple CLI tool that spawns linked docker containers with Hawkular and some monitored stuff. This simple CLI tool helps you with starting the hawkular-services together with some monitored WildFly servers. Internally, it uses the docker-compose tool and exposes the service on localhost:8080.

hawkular-apm-opentracing-javascript - Hawkular-APM OpenTracing JavaScript Implementation

  •    Javascript

This library is JavaScript implementation of OpenTracing API. It is intended to be used with Hawkular-APM server.


  •    TypeScript

While designed for use in the Hawkular UI console, it is a general purpose, metrics charting library designed to work with any array of data as long as it can be transformed into a tuple of datetime/value pairs. Hawkular Charts is a direct result of wanting metric visualizations for the parent project: Hawkular - An Open Source Monitoring Tool. The console in Hawkular uses these charting components and will further push the development of these charting components into the future with additional features and specialized chart types. This will also make adhoc development quicker/easier with components that can render Hawkular Metrics (or any other metrics) charts with very little effort.