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LambdaNet - Purely functional artificial neural network library implemented in Haskell.

  •    Haskell

The library comes with a pre-defined set of functions that can be composed in many ways to operate on real-world data. These will be enumerated later in the documentation. The code from this repo doesn't reflect the current release of LambdaNet. The README for the current release on Hackage can be found here.

lsp - Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol

  •    Haskell

Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol. It currently implements all of the 3.15 specification. Try out the example tests in the lsp-test/example directory with cabal test. For more examples check the Wiki, or see this introductory blog post.

minio-hs - Minio Client SDK for Haskell

  •    Haskell

The Minio Haskell Client SDK provides simple APIs to access Minio and Amazon S3 compatible object storage server.A section of the tests use the remote Minio Play server at https://play.minio.io:9000 by default. For library development, using this remote server maybe slow. To run the tests against a locally running Minio live server at http://localhost:9000, just set the environment MINIO_LOCAL to any value (and unset it to switch back to Play).

http2-client - A native HTTP2 client in Haskell

  •    Haskell

An native-Haskell HTTP2 client library based on http2 and tls packages. Hackage: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/http2-client .

monad-batcher - An applicative monad that batches commands for later more efficient execution

  •    Haskell

The monad-batcher package provides the Batcher applicative monad that batches commands for later more efficient execution. See the example.

Toody - A two-dimensional parser combinator library.

  •    Haskell

Toody is a comonadic parser combinator library for parsing two-dimensional data, such as ASCII art diagrams and 2D programming languages. Whereas most parsing libraries are concerned with one-dimensional streams, Toody works on 2D grids of cells, extracting data based on spatial relationships. It is presented primarily as a proof of concept, and has not been designed for efficiency.

amazonka-s3-streaming - Provides a conduit based interface to uploading data to S3 using the Multipart API

  •    Haskell

Provides a conduit based streaming interface and a concurrent interface to uploading data to S3 using the Multipart API. Also provides method to upload files or bytestrings of known size in parallel. The documentation can be found on Hackage.

dunai - Functional Reactive Programming using Monadic Stream Functions

  •    Haskell

This repository implements a generalized version of reactive programming, on top of which other variants like Yampa, Classic FRP and Reactive Values can be implemented. Dunai currently support GHC versions 7.6.3 to 8.2.1.

haskell-libraries - Incubator for my Haskell libraries

  •    Haskell

This repository is a convenient place for me to start libraries. If a package grows into anything significant, I'll split it out into its own repository. If you find something here that you want to use that isn't on Hackage, submit an issue. There are some packages that don't compile, but these are not listed in stack.yaml. So you should be able to run stack test to check everything that is supposed to be in working condition.

haskell-lsp - Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol

  •    Haskell

Warning: this library and its associated ecosystem is under development at the moment. So do not have high expectations, it is not ready for casual use. This will put the hie executable in your path.

selda - A type-safe, high-level SQL library for Haskell

  •    Haskell

Selda is a Haskell library for interacting with SQL-based relational databases. It was inspired by LINQ and Opaleye. Then, read the tutorial. The API documentation will probably also come in handy.


  •    Haskell


haskell-picosat - Haskell bindings for PicoSAT solver

  •    C

haskell-picosat are Haskell bindings to the PicoSAT solver, written in C. It reads in clauses in CNF ( Conjunctive-Normal Form ) and returns a solution which satisfies the clauses. The most notable distinction of this binding is that the SAT solver library is included with the cabal package so you shouldn't need to install anything but this package to get going. It's also notably faster than a pure Haskell solution at solving very large constraint problems.

picologic - Logic expressions for PicoSAT solver

  •    Haskell

Picologic is a lightweight library for working with symbolic logic expressions. It is built against the picosat Haskell library which bundles the SAT solver with the Haskell package so no external solver or dependencies are necessary. Picologic provides the logic expressions, parser and normal form conversion functions to express the logic expressions more naturally and then feed them to the SAT solver.

repline - Haskeline wrapper for GHCi-like REPL interfaces

  •    Haskell

Slightly higher level wrapper for creating GHCi-like REPL monads that are composable with normal MTL transformers. Mostly exists because I got tired of implementing the same interface for simple shells over and over and decided to canonize the giant pile of hacks that I use to make Haskeline work. Quite often tab completion is dependent on the internal state of the Repl so we'd like to query state of the interpreter for tab completions based on actions performed themselves within the Repl, this is modeleted naturally as a monad transformer stack with StateT on top of HaskelineT.

serokell-util - Different functions which are used across multiple @serokell packages

  •    Haskell

Different functions which are used across multiple @serokell packages. Also contains style-guide.

csound-expression - Haskell Framework for Electronic Music

  •    Haskell

Welcome to the simplest textual synthesizer. Csound-expression is a Haskell framework for computer music. With the help of the library we can create our instruments on the fly. A couple of lines in the interpreter is enough to get the cool sound going out of your speakers. It can be used for simple daily sound-file processing or for a full-blown live performances. It's available on Hackage.

servant-github-webhook - Servant combinators for writing secure GitHub webhooks

  •    Haskell

This library facilitates writing Servant routes that can safely act as GitHub webhooks. When a webhook is configured on a repository, a secret key is added. This key is used by GitHub to compute a signature of the request body that it sends; this signature is included in the request headers. The routing combinators in servant-github-webhook compute the signature of the received request body using the same key, and check that the signature in the request headers matches. If it does, then the request is legitimate.

webviewhs - :arrow_right: A Haskell binding to the webview library created by Serge Zaitsev.

  •    Haskell

webviewhs is a Haskell binding to the webview library created by Serge Zaitsev. [webview is] a tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++/Golang to build modern cross-platform GUIs. It uses Cocoa/WebKit on macOS, gtk-webkit2 on Linux and MSHTML (IE10/11) on Windows.

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