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urianchor - jQuery plugin to manage the uri hash component. Used for SinglePageWebApps.

  •    Javascript

This is a library that strives to be best-in-class. If you are considering using an SPA framework, please read Do you really want an SPA framework? first. Make your application bookmarks, browser history, the back button, and the forward button act just as the user expects while enabling you to update only the part of the page that has changed. This jQuery plugin helps you do this by making the URI Anchor (or hash fragment, as others call it) your application state API.

pushStateTree - The most powerful JavaScript router library for Single Page Applications.

  •    Javascript

A standalone powerful library to manage browser routing with nested level support, complex match expressions and on-fly rules change (convenient to lazy module loading). The open-source router system solutions available when I started designing this library were all working with a callback "match" and they are very hard to work with nested levels, and/or not support on-fly changes.

route.js - Simple routing library that can be use on the server or in the browser

  •    Javascript

Very small and simple routing library that can be use on the server or in the browser. It use dependency injection to inject arguments to your function. It contain only a router so it can be use anywhere. It's only the API so you need to write your own code that will execute when ever you want (like on hashchange or using HTML5 History API).

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