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sparsepp - A fast, memory efficient hash map for C++

  •    C++

We believe Sparsepp provides an unparalleled combination of performance and memory usage, and will outperform your compiler's unordered_map on both counts. Only Google's dense_hash_map is consistently faster, at the cost of much greater memory usage (especially when the final size of the map is not known in advance, and insertions cause a resizing). This hash map. like Google's dense_hash_map, uses open addressing (meaning that the hash table entries are conceptually stored in a big array, and collisions are not resolved using a linked list, but by probing). A big drawback of open addressing is that when the array needs to be resized larger, the high mark for memory usage is typically 3 times the current map size (as we allocate a new array twice as big as the current one, and copy from the old array to the new one). Sparsepp's implementation resolves this memory usage issue, and the memory usage high mark shows only a small bump when resizing.

write-a-hash-table - ✏️ Learn how to write a hash table in C


Hash tables are one of the most useful data structures. Their quick and scalable insert, search and delete make them relevant to a large number of computer science problems. This tutorial assumes some familiarity with programming and C syntax. The code itself is relatively straightforward, and most issues should be solvable with a web search. If you run into further problems, please open a GitHub Issue.

data-structures - Go datastructures.

  •    Go

Copyright 2013, Licensed under the GPL version 2. Please reach out to me directly if you require another licensing option. I am willing to work with you. To collect many important data structures for usage in go programs. Golang's standard library lacks many useful and important structures. This library attempts to fill the gap. I have implemented data-structure's as I have needed them. If there is a missing structure or even just a missing (or incorrect) method open an issue, send a pull request, or send an email patch.

ht.el - The missing hash table library for Emacs

  •    Emacs

The missing hash table library for Emacs. Libraries like s.el (strings) and dash.el (lists) have shown how much nicer Emacs lisp programming can be with good libraries. ht.el aims to similarly simplify working with hash tables.

cl-custom-hash-table - Custom hash tables for Common Lisp

  •    Common

CL-CUSTOM-HASH-TABLE allows creation and use of "custom hash tables". Custom hash tables can use arbitrary TEST/HASH functions, in addition to the TEST functions allowed by the standard (EQ, EQL, EQUAL and EQUALP). This library is primarily a compatibility layer, unifying how to create these hash table in different Lisp implementations. Furthermore this library provides a simple yet fully functional fall-back solution for implementations that don't support this functionality natively (yet).

portable-lib - Portable C, C++ code for hash tables, bloom filters, string-search, string utilities, hash functions, arc4random

  •    C

Almost all code is written in Portable C (and some C++). It is tested to work on at least Linux 3.x/4.x, Darwin (Sierra, macOS), OpenBSD 5.9/6.0/6.1. Some of the code has been in production use for over a decade. Collection of Bloom filters (Simple, Counting, Scalable). The Bloom filters can be serialized to disk and read back in mmap mode. The serialized code has a strong checksum (SHA256) to maintain the integrity of the data when read back.

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