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node-graceful-fs - fs with incremental backoff on EMFILE

  •    Javascript

graceful-fs functions as a drop-in replacement for the fs module, making various improvements.The improvements are meant to normalize behavior across different platforms and environments, and to make filesystem access more resilient to errors.

intelmq - IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams for collecting and processing security feeds using a message queuing protocol

  •    Python

IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams (CERTs, CSIRTs, abuse departments,...) for collecting and processing security feeds (such as log files) using a message queuing protocol. It's a community driven initiative called IHAP (Incident Handling Automation Project) which was conceptually designed by European CERTs/CSIRTs during several InfoSec events. Its main goal is to give to incident responders an easy way to collect & process threat intelligence thus improving the incident handling processes of CERTs. See INSTALL.

Sedge: An Automated Error Reporting Tool


Sedge is a highly customizable tool designed to help your customers create error reports. The reports can include log files, data files, system information, screenshots or any user's files.

Error Handling Block

  •    DotNet

Provides customizable handling of transient errors. Built-in handlers for WCF, WebClient, HttpRequest. For .NET, Silverlight, Store App, Windows Phone.

angular-async-form - Async form handling the angular way.

  •    Javascript

Async form handling the angular way.Angular provides a great set of directives if your only concern is immediate validation in the UI; however, they fall short for anything else.

domain-http-server - A module thingie to use domains in Express or Restify or just regular HTTP servers

  •    Javascript

A handy little decorator for adding domain functionality to your HTTP server's request and response objects.Also, if the response has an error member which is a function, then it'll call that when there's an error.

db-errors - Unified node.js error API for mysql, postgres and sqlite3

  •    Javascript

This project is an attempt to create a unified API for node.js SQL DB driver errors. Each driver throws their own kind of errors and libraries like knex, Bookshelf and objection.js simply pass these errors through. It's usually very difficult to reason with these errors. This library wraps those errors to error classes that are the same for all drivers. The wrapped error classes also expose useful information about the errors.NOTE: Only MySQL, Sqlite3 and PostgreSQL are officially supported (tested).

combine-errors - Simple way to combine multiple errors into one.

  •    Javascript

Simple way to combine multiple errors into one.This is useful for handling multiple asynchronous errors, where you want to catch all the errors and combine them to return just a single error.

express-error-handler - A graceful error handler for Express and Restify applications.

  •    Javascript

A graceful error handler for Express applications. This also patches a DOS exploit where users can manually trigger bad request errors that shut down your app.@param {object} [options.handlers] Custom handlers for specific status codes.

exception - Better error's for people who run node in production

  •    Javascript

git: When it detects that your application runs from git repository it will automatically include the sha1, branch and even it's configuration in the output. process: Useful information like load average, uptime, free memory, heap size, process id and even the build information of your node process are included.

ws-wrapper - Lightweight WebSocket lib with socket.io-like event handling, requests, and channels

  •    Javascript

Lightweight and isomorphic Web Socket lib with socket.io-like event handling, Promise-based requests, and channels. Much like Socket.io, this library provides a protocol and API that sits on top of native WebSockets. Rather than passing raw messages through the WebSocket via WebSocket.send(), this library provides an RPC-like API that allows you to pass JSON data over WebSockets and trigger event handlers on the remote end. There is also a Promise-based request/response API, as well.

bubble.js - Pleasing the DOM event handling

  •    Javascript

In most of the cases we rely on DOM events. They are tightly bound to our workflow. We normally add elements to the DOM tree dynamically. Whenever we want to get info from them we have to add event listeners. And guess what? Most of us are doing this every time when the UI is changed. That's because we remove or replace node's content. In such cases the attached listeners are gone. Bubble.js aims to help here. It adds listeners to the root of our logical blocks. It uses the bubbling model and nicely catches elements' events. Include Bubble.js in your page.

nodeerrors - Error handling in node.js

  •    Javascript

This is a library for handling errors more efficiently in node.js, especially made for people like me who use function hoisting most of the time to avoid some of the so-called "callback hell". Notice that errors.notUnique takes the two parameters propertyName and propertyValue as defined in the args property above.

vue-rawmodel - RawModel.js plugin for Vue.js v2. Form validation has never been easier!

  •    TypeScript

This plugin integrates RawModel.js framework into your Vue.js application. RawModel.js is a simple framework which provides a strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling. It has a rich API which significantly simplifies server-side and client-side data validation and manipulation. Because it's an unopinionated framework it flawlessly integrates with popular modules like vuex, apollo-client and other related libraries.

koa-better-error-handler - A better error-handler for Lad and Koa

  •    Javascript

If you specify app.context.api = true or set ctx.api = true, and if a Mongoose validation error message occurs that has more than one message (e.g. multiple fields were invalid) – then err.message will be joined by a comma instead of by <li>. Therefore if you DO want your API error messages to return HTML formatted error lists for Mongoose validation, then set app.context.api = false, ctx.api = false, or simply make sure to not set them before using this error handler.

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