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Community Status Reporter

The Community Status Reporter is emergency status reporting software intended to be used to support the Emergency Status Plan currently being developed by the Home Unit volunteers of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) in Pima County Arizona.

Gpredict - Satellite Tracking Application

Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program for the Linux desktop. It uses the SGP4/SDP4 propagation algorithms together with NORAD two-line element sets (TLE).

aprs - Python APRS Module

aprs is a Python Module that supports connecting to APRS Interfaces, and receiving, parsing and sending APRS Frames. The following example connects to APRS-IS as W2GMD (me!) and filters for APRS frames coming from my prefix (W2GMD, W2GMD-n, etc). Any frames returned are sent to my callback p and printed.

kiss - A pure-Python implementation of the KISS Protocol for communicating with serial TNC devices for use with Amateur Radio

kiss is a Python Module that implementations the KISS Protocol for communicating with KISS-enabled devices (such as Serial or TCP TNCs). See also: examples/ directory.

jdigi - A simple experiment in javascript digital signal processing

A simple experiment in javascript digital signal processing. HTML5's Web Audio API is a wonderful opportunity for people interested in DSP to experiment in audio modulation and demodulation. It's also a great way to provide radio digital mode codecs to users without the need to port code or install binaries. This project in an experiment in doing just that. The project is only a few days old, so currently there is only a waterfall and buggy BPSK31 reception. RTTY code has been added, but it has not been debugged or tested yet.