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CoderCalendar - Unmaintained -> Read Notice

  •    Javascript

This project is not actively maintained anymore. Development of the extensions (both firefox & chrome) has been moved to this new repository. Any issues relating to extensions should be posted in the new repo. Android App and browser extensions for competitive programming enthusiasts. Shows a list of live & upcoming coding contests taking place in various popular competitive programming websites with the facility to add them to your google calender. Currently shows updates from Codechef , HackerEarth , Hackerrank, Topcoder and Codeforces.

hacker-rank-solutions - Java solutions to problems on HackerRank

  •    Java

It is personal and fun project of solutions to challenges posted on HackerRank on my interested areas. Please open an issue for support.

HackerRank-CLI - CLI for running code using HackerRank API

  •    Javascript

CLI for running code using HackerRank API. You can get your HackerRank API Key by visiting HackerRank API page.

ACedIt - A command line tool to run your code against sample test cases

  •    Python

During installation, the default site is set to codeforces. You can change it anytime using the above mentioned flags. Since your filename is same as problem code, there's no need for the -p flag.

algorithms - HackerRank, Codeforces, Geeks for Geeks, and LeetCode problem solutions

  •    C++

This is a collection of my HackerRank, Codeforces, Geeks for Geeks, and LeetCode problem solutions in C++, Java, and Python 3. These are not meant to be competition style implementations but clean and easily understandable algorithms for learning purposes.

Data-Science-Projects - DataScience projects for learning : Kaggle challenges, Object Recognition, Parsing, etc

  •    Jupyter

Challenge submitted on HackerRank and Kaggle. Algorithm challenges are made on HackerRank using Python.

hackerrank - :pencil2: Hackerrank solutions

  •    Ruby

I'd appreciate any feedback via issues. If you are new to hackerrank, you can get started at hackerrank.com.

algo - Algorithms and Data structures

  •    Java

This repository is aimed to collect implementations of some of the popular algorithms and data structures.

HackerRank-Test-Case-Generator - One Click Test cases generator.

  •    Python

One Click Test Case Generation for HackerRank Problems. The toughest part of creating a problem is creating tricky, correct and constrained Test Cases.

HackerRank - A collection of algorithms and solutions to problems in various languages from the site Hacker Rank

  •    CSharp

This repository holds solutions in various languages for miscellaneous problems from HackerRank. It's mostly used for practicing random things and learning new languages, but I'll happily accept any pull requests if you want to add a valid solution in your favorite language.

HackerRankSolutions - This is a repo for HackerRankSolutions with Swift

  •    Swift

Different folders are named after corresponding domain names or contest names. I created class for each problem. If you want to test those solution on HackerRank, please follow this guideline.

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