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sharer.js - :on: :bookmark: Create your own social share buttons. No jquery.

  •    Javascript

Sharer.js is a very tiny js lib to create custom social share components on DOM elements for your website. No dependencies. Currently there is no support for AMD/CommonJS right now, but there is a repo which exposes the current Sharer class behaviour.

CatchUp - An app for catching up on things.

  •    Kotlin

An app for catching up on things. There's a lot of services I like reading up on throughout the day. Most of these services have dedicated apps for consuming them, but often times I just want to skim the front page and only deep dive occasionally. Enter CatchUp: a high level presentation of the "front page" of several services in short form, and intelligent deeplinking into dedicated apps if you want to go further.

News-YC---iPhone - The iPhone version of News/YC, a Hacker News reader and interactive iOS application

  •    Swift

This app does not use the new HackerNews API, but instead relies on libHN for the interface to HN content. This app is built in Swift, but is really a port of an existing app with a little bit clearer design and modularity of components. There are a few architecture decisions I made to make some things easier that may or may not be defacto architecture or MVC considerations. The first of which is...


  •    Java

A mobile app for Hacker News, which is powered by Weex and Vue. Use Weex Playground App to scan the QR code below.

hacker-job-trends - Play with hackernews' "who is hiring"

  •    HTML

As we know, an "Ask HN: Who is Hiring?"(example) post will occur at hackernews every month. It is interesting to scan the post because it helps you to get a feeling about what is happening in tec related business. This repo aims to help you keep up with how the tec job requirements/used tools/kind/... evolve.

hackerpub - :newspaper: Post items to Hacker News

  •    Javascript

The example shown below will post a link on HackerNews.Posts an article on HN by making a series of requests against their website. Takes some options, detailed below.

nextjs-pwa - Build a PWA with Next.JS

  •    Javascript

This is the companion repo of How to build a PWA with Next.JS.It features a Hacker News Reader built with React and Styled JSX using Next.JS.

slownews - 🐢 Bringing slow news for the nervous among us

  •    Haskell

A web app that aggregates best news during last week from sites like reddit and Hacker News. Uses Haskell for backend and GHCJS (via Reflex) for frontend. Our workflow is based on reflex-platform's project development.

HackerNews7 - Framework7 Hackernews web app

  •    Javascript

This is a demo app to show how Framework7 makes it easy to develop hybrid apps. It is based on the Official Hacker News API even if I think that the Unofficial Hacker News API provides a better structure (but I hope they will be inspired by this last one).

looped-in - A browser extension that displays Hacker News comments for the current webpage

  •    Clojure

Looped In is a browser extension that displays Hacker News comments for the current webpage in a sidebar. It is written in ClojureScript. Looped In will be available from the Firefox Add-ons site and the Chrome Web Store pending review. If you'd prefer to clone the repository and run the extension locally, read on.

gatsby-hacker-news - Gatsby implementation of Hacker News

  •    CSS

Gatsby is a blazing-fast static site generator for React. This is the Gatsby implementation of Hackernews using the gatsby-source-hackernews plugin. Kickstarted with the gatsby-default-starter boilerplate.

devo - A Chrome and Firefox extension that displays GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt on every new tab

  •    Vue

Devo is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension that displays GitHub Trending, Hacker News and Product Hunt on every new tab. It caches the information for 30 minutes, so that there is no extra calls to the external services, hence allowing a faster experience. Devo can be installed for Chrome here, and Firefox here.

gonews - A Golang CLI to browser news from HackerNews and Reddit

  •    Go

A Golang CLI to browser news from Hacker News and Reddit Also is a Golang implementation of the awesome pynews-cli. Get this project and install via go get -u.

hackerRSS - A hacker news RSS generator

  •    CoffeeScript

a hacker news rss feed generator

HN_SO_analysis - Is there a relationship between popularity of a given technology on Stack Overflow (SO) and Hacker News (HN)? And a few words about causality

  •    Python

Stack Overflow and Hacker News are portals mainly (but not only) read and used by programmers and other people who occupy their (professional or free) time with writing code. Stack Overflow lets their users easily Stack Overflow (SO), an established in 2008 portal on which programmers help each other by asking and answering coding questions, lets their users easily find questions related to a certain programming language/framework/library etc. by tags. The questions and replies/comments are evaluated in a form of points so it is usually instantly obvious which answer was rated the highest (and therefore is considered as the best one by the community) or whether a described problem is reproducible, i.e. you can replicate it with a piece of code prepared by a person asking a question.

Hackerbeat - An Elastic Beats for indexing HackerNews posts

  •    Go

Hackerbeat indexes the top stories of HackerNews into an ElasticSearch instance. To build the binary for Hackerbeat run the command below. This will generate a binary in the same directory with the name hackerbeat.

aurelia-hacker-news - A recreation of the Hacker News website written in TypeScript and built with Aurelia

  •    TypeScript

A recreation of the Hacker News website written in TypeScript and built with Aurelia. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub.

awesome-hackernews - A curated list of FOSS tools to improve the Hacker News experience

  •    Python

Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer technologies, hacking and startups. It promotes any content likely to "gratify the intellectual curiosity" of readers. This is a curated list of FOSS tools that aim to improve the general Hacker News experience, in any shape or form.

hacker-news-client - Clone of Hacker News with modern design

  •    TypeScript

This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

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