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hackerweb - A simply readable Hacker News web app

  •    CSS

This project started as one of my silly mini-projects. I create this initially to try out iOS 5+ Mobile Safari's new -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch CSS support. I need some sort of content for scrolling, so why not Hacker News' stories? I'm also trying something called Fake it 'til you make it which I make the web app looks (and feels) like a native mobile app. In this case, like a native iOS app. If the web app is loaded on non-iOS devices, it'll switch to the 'web' theme which is like a generic theme for other browsers and platforms. Also read my introductory post, Introducing HackerWeb.

HNPWA - Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps

  •    CSS

Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps. A spiritual successor to TodoMVC.See our site or the site/apps directory for the current list of implementations.

HAgnostic-News - :fire: A simple Hacker News reader which is available for the Web and as React Native app (Android / iOS)

  •    Javascript

From the same codebase you can render apps for the platform Web and natively for Android and iOS. Thanks to React Native and React Native Web.

hackerweb-native - A simply readable Hacker News app for iOS & Android, built with React Native

  •    Javascript

A simply readable Hacker News app for iOS and Android. Read about the story here: Building HackerWeb for iOS.

hacker-news-digest - :newspaper: A responsive interface of Hacker News with summaries and illustrations

  •    Python

This service extracts summaries and illustrations from hacker news articles for people who want to get the most out of hacker news while cutting down the time spent on deciding which one to read and which to skip.

HackerBuzz-ReactNative - A Hacker News Reader built in React Native for iOS and Android

  •    Javascript

Over the past few months, I've been working on a side project to gain an understanding of the React Native workflow. I decided to create a Hacker News reader using Y Combinator's API. I used the Facebook Audience Network in order to display advertisements every 20 stories. As a result, you need to make sure that the SDK is properly installed or else the project won't build.

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