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hackathon-starter - A boilerplate for Node.js web applications

  •    CSS

💡 Looking for ES5 code? Click here.A boilerplate for Node.js web applications.

laravel-hackathon-starter - :computer: :octocat: A hackathon/MVP boilerplate for laravel web applications

  •    PHP

If you have attended any hackathons in the past, then you know how much time it takes to get a project started: decide on what to build, pick a programming language, pick a web framework, pick a CSS framework. A while later, you might have an initial project up on GitHub and only then can other team members start contributing. Or how about doing something as simple as Sign in with Facebook authentication? You can spend hours on it if you are not familiar with how OAuth 2.0 works. Even if you are not using this for a hackathon, Laravel Hackathon Starter is sure to save any developer hours or even days of development time and can serve as a learning guide for web developers.

Draw and Guess - Pizarra electrónica

  •    Javascript

Proyecto de Pizarra Online para adivinar dibujos, realizado en el HackathonPY Diciembre 2012. Online Drawing web game, coded in HackathonPY, December 2012.

receipt-parser - A fuzzy (supermarket) receipt parser written in Python using tesseract

  •    Python

This is a fuzzy receipt parser written in Python. You give it any dirty old receipt lying around and it will try its best to find the correct data for you. It started as a hackathon project. Read more about it on the trivago techblog. Also read the comments on HackerNews Oh hey! And there's also a talk online now if you're the visual kind of person.

furatto-rails-start-kit - A rails app with Furatto, Devise, and Facebook Authentication perfect for hackathons!

  •    Ruby

It is just a boilerplate for Rails web applications. Perfect to kickstart your next project or hackathon app.We have been in many hackathons for the past years, and one thing we have learned is setting up a project might seem like something easy and straightforward. But things start to get complicated when working with teammates as in a hackathon where every one commits, not following rules or best practices' I mean let's be fair, time is crucial you have no time on to worry for those kind of things.

MVPSummitHackathon2016 - Samples for the CLI extensibility hackathon for MVP Summit 2016 in Redmond!

  •    CSharp

This repository contains the basic sample of an extension to the MSBuild edition of the CLI toolset for .NET Core. The idea of the repo is to provide an easy way to get started with developing extensions to the CLI and the SDK in terms of both MSBuild targets as well as "classic" tools that can be invoked using the dotnet-<command> invocation pattern.Note: if you are using Windows, use pack.ps1 script instead of the *.sh one.

opendataday - Open Data Day website

  •    CSS

Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption of open data policies by the world's local, regional and national governments. You're invited. Again. The next Open Data Day will take place on Saturday, 3 March 2018.

sephsplace - My own version of r/place, done in a weekend

  •    Javascript

Soooo, I said I could implement r/place (minus mobile support) in a weekend. Someone called me on it, so I did it. This was written when I started the project. You're better off taking a look at the postmortem blog post for details about how it works.

dayder - Search lots of data sets for spurious correlations

  •    Rust

Dayder is a web app for finding spurious correlations in thousands of data sets. It was originally created for TerribleHack III where it just worked with 3000+ different causes of death, but we've kept improving it since then. It was made by Tristan Hume and Marc Mailhot. Since the hackathon we've expanded and optimized it to work with over 390,000 data sets at a time.Having been originally created for a "Stupid shit no-one needs and terrible ideas" hackathon, we don't even pretend that Dayder is useful. It is mostly a tech demo for making a super fast web app despite dealing with large quantities of data. Dayder uses a custom binary format, custom JS Canvas and DOM rendering, heavily optimized server-side code in Rust, caching and tuned data layouts for excellent performance. It can filter through 390,000+ data sets as you type with sub 50ms server response time and instantaneous rendering of thousands of graphs in the browser. It also can find correlations among all 390,000+ data sets in less than 2 seconds.

LastSecondSlides - Use the Google speech-to-text API to generate presentation slides as you talk!

  •    Python

Use the Google speech-to-text API to generate presentation slides as you talk! A collaboration with Marc Mailhot. Marc wrote the slide renderers and Bing Search with PyGame, and I wrote the Google Voice API interfacing code and the code to process the speech, decide on slide content and tie together the modules. Made for TerribleHack IV, a hackathon for intentionally funny and stupid projects.Includes two themes: 90s and corporate, as well as three slide types: heading, bullet points, and picture.

ratewithscience - Rate things on arbitrary scales using big data and science!

  •    Javascript

A web app for finding a rating scale between two arbitrary things. Ever wanted to rate something on a scale of David Hasselhoff to the Eiffel Tower? Well now you can.Dave Pagurek and I made this for the TerribleHack Winter 2015 hackathon. I wrote the backend, Dave wrote the frontend. I later rewrote the backend in Nim and then D to make it cleaner and easier to deploy as well as learn new languages.

OpenPhillyGlobe - "Google Earth for Philadelphia" with open source and open data.

  •    Javascript

"Google Earth for Philadelphia" with open source and open transit data. Interactively visualize SEPTA routes and pedestrian counts. Middle-mouse button drag to tilt the view. More transit layers to come in the future.


  •    Javascript

Made by Guido and Jelle at AngelHack Moscow 2013. Visit http://localhost:9000/ in multiple browser tabs to get started.

nuxtathon - A boiler-plate for nuxt to start building your application

  •    Javascript

Nuxt.js with all the goodies hooked up, ready for you to start building. Goal of this project is to make it easy to develop in nuxt by providing an express interface using serverMiddleware. Gaining inspiration from but wanting to add more by providing a basic admin interface as well.

hackcoc - ⚖ A generic and configurable Code of Conduct for hackathons

  •    HTML

⚖ A generic and configurable Code of Conduct for hackathons

opendata.guide - :book: A guidebook for publishing government open data.

  •    CSS

This document was created by Mark Headd during his tenure as the first Chief Data Officer for the City of Philadelphia, and is shared in the hope that it proves useful to other state and local governments wishing to start an open data program. The original purpose of this guidebook was to provide practical guidance to City of Philadelphia departments and agencies on the release of open data to the public. It has been modified to include information used as part of an open data presentation at the 2014 Code for America Summit.

melbourne-hackathons - Frequently updated list of Hackathons in Melbourne - Watch the repo for live updates!


To add a hackathon to this list, please submit an issue or fork this repo and submit a pull request. Not really. Only some events are widely publicised, a few get cancelled and many are not announced until a couple of months beforehand.

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