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Meething - Decentralized Real-time communications

  •    Javascript

Meething is a semi-decentralized conference bridge using modern WebRTC, GunDB and MediaSoup to produce a hybrid MESH-SFU with strong privacy, zero user data retention and powerful off-grid capabilities.

gun-elastic - Elasticsearch storage adapter for Gun DB :gun:

  •    Javascript

Elasticsearch native persistence layer for Gun, a realtime, distributed, offline-first, graph database engine. npm install gun-elastic.


  •    Javascript

gunstore is a clone of jsonstore and provides a datastore for small projects based on Gun DB. Just launch and access your instance, copy the URL and start sending HTTP requests to communicate with your datastore. POST requests will save data, PUT requests modify data, DELETE requests delete data and GET requests retrieves data. Any type of feedback, pull request or issue is welcome.

kibana_graph - Interactive Network Graph Visualization For Kibana

  •    Javascript

Kibana plugin to Visualize aggregations as an interactive VisJS Graph network of related nodes. The plugin will automatically display a network of node with sizes and relations derived from the returned aggregations.

paStash - pastaʃ'ʃ = Spaghetti I/O Event Data Processing, Interpolation, Correlation and beyond :spaghetti:

  •    Javascript

PaStasH (pastaʃ'ʃ-utta) is a NodeJS multi I/O processor supporting ingestion, decoding, interpolation and correlation of data - be it logs, packets, events and beyond. PaStash supports the Logstash configuration format and delivers cross-functionality comparable to "Beats" with custom modules, providing a flexible and agnostig data pipelining tool. paStash configuration is compatible with logstash. You can easily replace a logstash node by a paStash one in most cases. The data are formatted in the same way to be compatible with logstash UIs.

connect-four - Connect-4 web game

  •    Javascript

This game is deployed on Heroku, and you can play it live here. You'll need Node.js installed first.

Reticle - Put a scope on your gunDB data

  •    Javascript

Put a scope on gunDB. By default, gun's data is global. If you use the same key by accident on a different app, both datasets will merge into one frankensteinian nightmare. Reticle solves this by namespacing your keys under a hashed string, preventing otherwise gruesome conflicts from ever happening.

gun-db - sqlite storage adapter for Gun database (javascript)

  •    Javascript

ODBC/Sqlite native persistence layer for gun! GUN is an Open Source Firebase with swappable storage engines (level, SQLite, etc.) that handles data synchronization across machines / devices. If you want to have maximum speed, you can set exclusive, which will gain about 30-40% speed; but you're only allowed one instance of Gun against this database. You can open multiple instances if they don't have the same database name.

space-sdk - The Space SDK is a JavaScript/Typescript library for building web and mobile applications leveraging Open Web and distributed protocols like IPFS, Textile, GunDB, and Ethereum

  •    TypeScript

The Space SDK is a close friend of the Space Daemon, its desktop-focused counterpart. The Space SDK is modular and protocol agnostic. You can use the APIs and interfaces as is, with Space's default implementations, or replace them with your own custom ones.

gundb-port-go - GunDB port examples in Go (golang)

  •    Go

NOTE: These initial implementations have not yet been fully tested for accuracy and are not optimized at all.

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