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gulp-streamify - Wrap old plugins to support streams.

  •    Javascript

Wrap old Gulp plugins to support streams. It is pretty annoying when Gulp plugins doesn't support streams. This plugin allows you to wrap them in order to use the stream mode anyway. It is pretty useful when you want to take advantage of streams on part of your pipelines.

gulp-bro - :punch: gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right.

  •    Javascript

gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right. Even through gulp has recipes to make things work, configuring browserify needs too much boilerplate and understanding about how things work. gulp-bro looks like any other gulp plugin, it does the exact same thing you can do manually, but hides the ugly stuff for you.

gulp-tap - Easily tap into a gulp pipeline without creating a plugin.

  •    CoffeeScript

Easily tap into a pipeline. Some filters like gulp-coffee process all files. What if you want to process all JS and Coffee files in a single pipeline. Use tap to filter out .coffee files and process them through the coffee filter and let JavaScript files pass through.

gulp-sort - Sort files in stream by path or any custom sort comparator

  •    Javascript

Sort ascending. Defaults to true. Specify false to sort descending. Comparator function to use. comparator(file1, file2). Defaults to localeCompare of file paths.