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gulp-babel - Gulp plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Babel issue tracker.See the Babel options, except for sourceMap and filename which is handled for you.

gulp-postcss - Pipe CSS through PostCSS processors with a single parse

  •    Javascript

PostCSS gulp plugin to pipe CSS through several plugins, but parse CSS only once.Install required postcss plugins separately. E.g. for autoprefixer, you need to install autoprefixer package.

gulp-angular-templatecache - Concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache.

  •    Javascript

Concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache. Concatenate the contents of all .html-files in the templates directory and save to public/templates.js (default filename).

gulp-bump - Bump any version in any file which supports semver with gulp (gulpjs.com)

  •    Javascript

gulp-bump v2 supports Any valid semver in any filetype. ####You can view more examples in the example folder.

gulp-compass - Compass plugin for gulp

  •    Javascript

gulp-compass requires the compass ruby gem in order to compile compass. This can easily be installed via Terminal.Please make sure to add css and sass options with the same value in config.rb since compass can't output css result directly.

gulp-cssimport - Parses a CSS file, finds imports, grabs the content of the linked file and replaces the import statement with it

  •    Javascript

Parses a CSS file, finds imports, grabs the content of the linked file and replaces the import statement with it. Array, default: [] Additional paths to resolve imports.

gulp-xo - Validate files with XO

  •    Javascript

Issues regarding rules should be reported on the ESLint issue tracker as it's the actual linter.This option instructs ESLint to try to fix as many issues as possible. The fixes are applied to the gulp stream. The fixed content can be saved to file using gulp.dest (See example/fix.js). Rules that are fixable can be found in ESLint's rules list.

gulp-maven-deploy - Gulp wrapper for the maven-deploy plugin

  •    Javascript

A Gulp wrapper for the maven-deploy module. Enables you to have projects which are built with Gulp, but deploys to Maven repositories. All the samples below require a basic understanding of Gulp and Maven. Please look at the documentation for those projects for details. This readme refers to 1.x versions. If you are still using the 0.x versions, have a look into the 0.x support branch.

particle - A starting place for using the prototyping tool, Pattern Lab, in tandem with a Drupal theme

  •    CSS

Download this repo, rename folder to patternlab and place in themes directory if integrating with Drupal 8, and then cd into folder before running below commands. To name it something else, see docs/setup.md. That's it.

gulp-ejs - 🎨 Gulp plugin for ejs templates

  •    Javascript

This will make gulp log the error and continue normal execution. A hash object where each key corresponds to a variable in your template.

gulp-jsonlint - 🔍 jsonlint plugin for Gulp

  •    Javascript

For now, options are not supported yet. You can pass a custom reporter function. If ommited then the default reporter will be used.

gulp-mustache - 〰 A gulp plugin that renders mustache templates

  •    Javascript

This will find a head.mustache in the partials directory next to the current file's directory. Partials loading is recursive.

gulp-cleanhtml - remove unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from the HTML.

  •    Javascript

The above will remove unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from the HTML.

gulp-imports - Gulp plugin for importing/including files via simple import() comments while building/concatenating

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin to make file imports/includes easy. WARNING - this is still alphaware - I still need to add tests and examples for more than just JavaScript & HTML imports.

gulp-twig - Twig plugin for gulp

  •    Javascript

Compile Twig.js templates with Gulp. Build upon Twig.js , the JS port of the Twig templating language by John Roepke. You can use this plugin with gulp-data.

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