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GTK-for-Windows-Runtime-Environment-Installer - GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment Installer (fork from http://gtk-win

  •    Python

This repository is a fork of the GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment Installer that was originally created by Alexander Shaduri. My efforts here will focus on creating a 64-bit version of the GTK+-2 runtime that he has been providing so far, using up to date versions of GTK+ and its dependencies. Recently I have also created a 64-bit GTK+-3 runtime package. All packages now contain Gtkmm and its dependencies too. Since the GTK+ developers recently dropped support for stock icons (a mistake of epic proportions IMHO...), I added the Adwaita icon theme to the GTK+-3 runtime, so you can still enjoy pretty filechooserdialogs etc! I have also added a couple of commonly used libraries such as libxml++, libxslt, gtksourceview, libsoup and sqlite. The installers can be found in the releases section.

gtkmm-plplot - a scientific plotting library for Gtkmm leveraging the power of PLplot

  •    C++

Gtkmm-PLplot is a simple plotting library that brings the power of PLplot to Gtkmm. It does so by relying on the Gtk::DrawingArea widget whose drawing signal uses PLplot's extcairo plotting device to generate publication quality plots on your screen... Currently this library is under heavy development but it should already be useful for simple two-dimensional graphs. The API should not be considered to be stable at all and will be changed without warning...

vgasim - A Video display simulator

  •    Verilog

This repository contains a Video Controller. This controller includes not only the low-level framer, but also a bus controller to read values from memory to then be displayed on the screen. This is the basis of a frame buffer approach to video. This capability is fully demonstrated via the Verilator based simulator.