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Aurora - Unified lighting effects across multiple brands and various games.

  •    CSharp

Project Aurora is a utility that unifies RGB lighting devices across different brands and enables them to work alongside each other, all while adding and improving RGB lighting support for various games that previous had none or little RGB lighting support. Aurora is mainly written in C#, but has C++ components to implement native support for other games.

openrw - OpenRW "Open ReWrite" is an un-official open source recreation of the classic Grand Theft Auto III game executable

  •    C++

OpenRW is a cross-platform, open source re-implementation of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto III, a classic 3D action game first published in 2001. OpenRW has been ported to Linux, macOS, Windows, and several variants of BSD. A legitimate copy of the original PC game is required to run OpenRW. Without this it will not be possible to play.

FCNPC - FCNPC - Fully Controllable NPC

  •    C++

This is a fork of original repository by OrMisicL. If you found a bug or get crash, create issue in issues section with your crashlog and your Pawn script.

Open-GTO - RPG gamemode for SA-MP

  •    PAWN

Open-GTO – свободный, некоммерческий проект, направленный на создание по-настоящему весёлого игрового режима в экосистеме SA-MP. Проект является продолжением разработки популярного в своё время игрового режима GTO (Grand Theft Online), версии v0.6.0. Периодически собираются сборки игрового режима в полной комплектации (сервер, плагины). Скачать их можно здесь (чтобы определить последнюю сборку сортируйте их по дате).

sa-mp-fixes - Includes and plugins to fix various issues in the SA:MP server that can be fixed externally, leaving the devs time for other things

  •    PAWN

SA:MP is beta software written by a small team in their spare time, thus it has bugs (as does all software). Some of these have been known for a long time but are low priority due to their minor effects, others go undiscovered for a long time. Many of these bugs have solutions which can be implemented in PAWN (and this may be simpler than implementing them in the SA:MP source code). This include aims to collect fixes for as many of these bugs as possible from the community (i.e. anyone who has a fix) together in to one easy to use place for everyone's benefit. All the names of the fixes are single words, and are all listed with their fix descriptions below.

GWRP-0.3 - Игровой режим для San Andreas Multiplayer

  •    PAWN

GWRP(сокр. от GrandWorld RolePlay) – это скриптовый игровой режим для sa-mp сервера.

ServerBrowser - SA-MP Server Browser including some extra functions

  •    Kotlin

This application offers a row of tools for the San Andreas-Multiplayer mod for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game. If you want to make me feel better, since i am dedicating my free time to do this, feel free to donate something on https://ko-fi.com/marcelschr .

gta3sc - GTA3script compiler

  •    C++

This is a script compiler/decompiler and a library for manipulating the so called GTA3script language, which was used to design the mission scripts of the 3D Universe of the series. This branch is a complete rewrite of the codebase, it is very incomplete! Please switch to the master branch for the stable codebase.

modloader - Mod Loader for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas

  •    C++

Still not sure? Check out this nice video from Ivey. For more, check out our GTAForums thread and our GTAGarage page.

Social-Club-example-parser - Simple example parser for Rockstar's Social Club written in PHP

  •    Javascript

Simple example parser for Rockstar's Social Club written in Javascript that makes use of gta5-map/Social-Club-API-cheat-sheet.

BUG-TRACKER - Баг-трекер проекта


БАГ-ТРЕКЕР Перед публикацией бага проверьте, используя поиск, что об этой проблеме уже не писали.