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gake - A Simple grunt module to load tasks from external folders

  •    Javascript

Gake is a simple grunt module which allows you to keep your grunt tasks/config separated into different files, much like rake. This library started out when I needed to create a generator to generate rake like tasks into the SailsJS project. It seems that, for some reason having a 400loc grunt file is a common practice in the NodeJS community. Which makes maintaining tasks very needlessly hard and messy.

grunt-glotpress - Gets translations from a GlotPress installation

  •    Javascript

In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named glotpress_download to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig(). The url of the GlotPress installation (required).

grunt-alloy-theme-switcher - A grunt plugin to add theme's inheritance and make easier theme switching in titanium's alloy

  •    Javascript

A grunt plugin to make easier theme switching AND make possible themes inheritance in a titanium's alloy project. You have to put a theme.json inside the root folder of your theme.

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