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grpc-web - gRPC Web implementation for Golang and TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

gRPC-Web is a cutting-edge spec that enables invoking gRPC services from modern browsers. If you are looking for gRPC support for Node.js there is an official Node.js gRPC library. This package supports Node.js, but requires that the server has the gRPC-Web compatibility layer (read on to understand more).

ts-protoc-gen - Protocol Buffers Compiler (protoc) plugin for TypeScript and gRPC-Web.

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains a protoc plugin that generates TypeScript declarations (.d.ts files) that match the JavaScript output of protoc --js_out=import_style=commonjs,binary. This plugin can also output service definitions as both .js and .d.ts files in the structure required by grpc-web. This plugin is tested and written using TypeScript 2.7.

grpc-jersey - gRPC<->Jersey bridge

  •    Java

protoc plugin for compiling gRPC RPC services as Jersey/REST endpoints. Uses the HttpRule annotations also used by the grpc-gateway project to drive resource generation. grpc-jersey requires a minimum of Java 8 at this time.

grpc-web-devtools - gRPC Debugger for Chrome

  •    TypeScript

This an extension to support debugging of grpc-web from the browser. It is using an exposed debugger interface which is currently in development. Very very much work in progress.

grpc-web-hacker-news - An example app implementing a Hacker News reader in React with gRPC-Web and Go backend

  •    TypeScript

An example app implementing a Hacker News reader. This example aims to demonstrate usage of grpc-web(v0.5.0) with React. It additionally shows how to integrate with Redux. Contributions are welcome, please open an Issue or raise a PR.

caddy-grpc - grpc plugin for Caddy Server

  •    Go

The plugin is meant to serve the same purpose as grpcwebproxy by Improbable, but as a Caddy middleware plugin instead of a standalone Go application. The plugin will be available to download as a plugin from Caddy's Download page. Click on Add plugins option and scroll down to the section where you can tick the http.grpc box.

grpc-wasm - gRPC-Web implementation in Go, built using the WASM architecture target

  •    Go

gRPC-Web implementation in Go. Built as a drop-in alternative to google.golang.org/grpc.

grpcweb-boilerplate - A minimal repo containing all the boilerplate for getting started with GopherJS using gRPC-Web

  •    Go

It comes complete with a Go generate template for statically serving your generated JS code from the backend server. A recording of my presentation at the Go Devroom at FOSDEM 2018, in which I clone this repo I perform a small demo of its use.

grpcweb-example - An example implementation of a GopherJS client and a Go server using the Improbable gRPC-Web implementation

  •    Go

An example implementation of a GopherJS React client talking to a Go gRPC server using the Improbable gRPC-Web client implementation and proxy through the protoc-gen-gopherjs bindings generator. A live demo of this application can be found on https://grpcweb.jbrandhorst.com.

protobuf - GopherJS Bindings for ProtobufJS and gRPC-Web

  •    Go

The easiest way to get started with gRPC-Web for Go is to clone the boilerplate repo and start playing around with it. This is a GopherJS client code generator for the Google Protobuf format. It generates code for interfacing with any gRPC services exposing a gRPC-Web spec compatible interface. It uses jspb and grpcweb. It is the main entrypoint for using the protobuf/gRPC GopherJS bindings.

docker-protobuf - An all-inclusive protoc Docker image

  •    Dockerfile

A lightweight protoc Docker image. It started out as https://github.com/znly/docker-protobuf fork, but grew into a stand-alone project.

lua-resty-grpc-gateway - REST <-> gRPC gateway library implementation with OpenResty

  •    Lua

This package provides request transformation between REST <-> gRPC with Openresty. Nginx supports grpc-web proxy since version 1.13.0, and Openresty uses Nginx core 1.15.8.

grpc-web-istio-demo - A demo for showcasing gRPC-Web with Istio.

  •    Javascript

You can learn more about this project from the following articles. gRPC-Web Istio Demo is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. See LICENSE for the full license text.

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