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armeria - Asynchronous RPC/REST library built on top of Java 8, Netty, HTTP/2, Thrift and gRPC

  •    Java

Visit the official web site for more information.Armeria is an open-source asynchronous RPC/API client/server library built on top of Java 8, Netty 4.1, HTTP/2, Thrift and gRPC. Its primary goal is to help engineers build high-performance asynchronous microservices that use HTTP/2 as a session layer protocol.

go-microservice-helpers - A collection of handy snippets that simplify creation of GRPC servers and clients

  •    Go

A collection of handy snippets that simplify creation of GRPC servers and clients. The provided helpers allow to create grpc endpoints with zipkin distributed tracing pre-configured; spawn http servers that serve both grpc and common http traffic; simplify golang crypto primitives to load EC keys.

grpcbox - Erlang grpc on chatterbox

  •    Erlang

Library for creating grpc services in Erlang, based on the chatterbox http2 server. The quickest way to play around is with the test service and client that is used by grpcbox. Simply pull up a shell with, rebar3 as test shell and grpcbox:start_server() will start the route guide service on port 8080 and you'll have the client, routeguide_route_guide_client, in the path.

php-grpc - :electric_plug: Fast and furious GRPC server for PHP applications

  •    Go

PHP-GRPC is an open-source (MIT) high-performance PHP GRPC server build at top of RoadRunner. Server support both PHP and Golang services running within one application. Install rr-grpc and protoc-gen-php-grpc by building it or use pre-build binaries.

jobber - Jobber is an implementation to use AWS Lambda functions for micro requests with no penalty

  •    Go

For both AWS Lambda and Google cloud functions there are two catches. They have high startup time, near 10ms, and they have minimum 100ms time granularity. It means if I want to serve my http requests that take 12ms, first I will face near 10ms delay just to start the function, then both platforms will charge me for 100ms of time, even though I just needed 12ms. This makes Cloud function not suitable for normal usage.

traefik-grpc - gRPC load balancing with Traefik

  •    Go

gRPC load balancing with Traefik. The README is heavily inspired from traefik docs. As gRPC needs HTTP2, we need valid HTTPS certificates on both gRPC Server and Træfik.

griffin - gRPC server and client for Ruby

  •    Ruby

Griffin is gRPC server which supports multi process by using serverengine. Griffin also supports building gRPC client. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/ganmacs/griffin.

grpc_kit - A kit for creating gRPC server/client in Ruby.

  •    Ruby

A kit for creating gRPC server/client in Ruby. More Details in examples directory.

net-peercredlistener - A net

  •    Go

Package peercredlistener is deprecated in favor of toolman.org/net/peercred. ErrAddrInUse is a convenience wrapper around the Posix errno value for EADDRINUSE. Deprecated: Use package toolman.org/net/peercred instead.

grpc_http_gw - grpc http gateway with no-tls

  •    Go

Actually, HTTPS is overhead in internal network. The mainstream idea is having nginx as the https door routing backend http service. So I deep into github to get whether someone has implement http gateway. However after 1 more days search, no one has done that... So I implement by myself according to a article.

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