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prototool - Your Swiss Army Knife for Protocol Buffers

  •    Go

Protobuf is one of the best interface description languages out there - it's widely adopted, and after over 15 years of use, it's practically bulletproof. However, working with Protobuf and maintaining consistency across your Protobuf files can be a pain - protoc, while being a tool that has stood the test of time, is non-trivial to use, and the Protobuf community has not developed common standards with regards to stub generation. Prototool aims to solve this by making working with Protobuf much simpler. Prototool accomplishes this by downloading and calling protoc on the fly for you, handing error messages from protoc and your plugins, and using the generated FileDescriptorSets for internal functionality, as well as wrapping a few great external libraries already in the Protobuf ecosystem.

colossus - Colossus — An example microservice architecture for Kubernetes using Bazel, Go, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Gazelle, gRPC, Prometheus, Grafana, and more

  •    Python

Wait a second, these services don't do anything meaningful! Nope, they sure don't. But that's okay because the point of this project is to show you how to get the basic (yet not-at-all-trivial) plumbing to work. Colossus is a boilerplate project that's meant as a springboard to more complex and meaningful projects. Getting all of these technologies to work together was a real challenge. I had to dig through countless GitHub issues and dozens of example projects to make all these things work together. I'm offering this repo as a starter pack for other people with a Bazel monorepo targeting Kubernetes.

go-advanced - A small Vietnamese Go book compiled by ZaloPay teams.


Ngôn ngữ Golang không còn quá xa lạ trong giới lập trình nữa. Đây là một ngôn ngữ dễ học, các bạn có thể tự học Golang cơ bản ở trang Go by Example. Đa phần các tài liệu về Golang từ cơ bản hay đến nâng cao đều do các nhà lập trình viên nước ngoài biên soạn. Bộ tài liệu Advanced Go Programming được chúng tôi biên soạn hoàn toàn bằng Tiếng Việt sẽ trình bày về những chủ đề nâng cao trong Golang như CGO, RPC framework, Web framework, Distributed systems,... và kèm theo các ví dụ minh họa cụ thể theo từng chủ đề. Chúng tôi rất mong bộ tài liệu này sẽ giúp các bạn lập trình viên có thêm nhiều kiến thức mới và nâng cao kỹ năng lập trình Golang cho bản thân. Tất cả các bạn có đam mê lập trình Golang và đã nắm được cơ bản về lập trình Golang. Ngoài ra, trong bộ tài liệu này chúng tôi cũng có nhắc lại vài điểm cơ bản trong lập trình Golang.

terraform-plugin-sdk - Terraform Plugin SDK enables building plugins (providers) to manage any service providers or custom in-house solutions

  •    Go

This SDK enables building Terraform plugin which allows Terraform's users to manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions. Terraform itself is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. You can find more about Terraform on its website and its GitHub repository.

grpc-chat - Simple Chat Server/Client implemented with gRPC

  •    Go

A simple chat server/client implemented with gRPC in Go. Built with ❤️ for the Orange County Gopher's Meetup. This project is for demonstrating some of the features of gRPC in Go and should not be used in production.

go-distributed-sys - A simple example on Event Sourcing/CQRS in Go for building distributed systems and microservices with NATS Streaming, gRPC and CockroachDB

  •    Go

A simple example on Event Sourcing/CQRS in Go for building distributed systems and microservices with NATS Streaming, gRPC and CockroachDB

doogle - Web search of the people, by the people, for the people with Go.

  •    Go

Web search of the people, by the people, for the people with Go. doogle is a Proof of Concept software of decentralized search engine based on gRPC written in Go.

pubsub - gRPC message-oriented middleware on top of message-bus, event ingestion and delivery system

  •    Go

pubsub - gRPC message-oriented middleware on top of message-bus, event ingestion and delivery system. Have problems, bugs, feature ideas? We are using the github issue tracker to manage them.

net-peercredlistener - A net

  •    Go

Package peercredlistener is deprecated in favor of toolman.org/net/peercred. ErrAddrInUse is a convenience wrapper around the Posix errno value for EADDRINUSE. Deprecated: Use package toolman.org/net/peercred instead.

console-chat - Chat on your terminal with other users through a gRPC service

  •    Go

A project designed to learn about Go, gRPC and Redis Pub/Sub. The application has a server where many clients can connect to in order to send messages back and forth through Redis as a message broker.

api-go - Temporal gRPC API and proto files compiled for Go

  •    Go

Generated Go files from Temporal api repository. Run make once to install all plugins and tools (protoc and go must be installed manually).

savetheworldwithgo - Build systems with Go examples

  •    Go

This is a repository containing all the examples from the book BUILD SYSTEMS with GO (and save the world). This book is written to help GO early and not-so-early developers with all the necessary examples to build real systems. The book is organized into two different parts. The first part, explains the language from the basics to more advanced topics using the standard library. The second part, offers the developer a condensed summary of several tools any real system is made of: gRPC, SQL and NoSQL databases, streaming with Kafka, loggers, CLIs (Command Line Interfaces), restful APIs, etc. The examples are made available at this repository for everybody under the Apache License. Feel free to fork this repo or to take a look to any specific topic you may find relevant. The examples are not explained in the code basically because all the explanations are given in the book. If you are interested in the book you can purchase it in Amazon.

protoc-gen-struct-transformer - Transformation functions generator for Protocol Buffers.

  •    Go

Protocol buffers complier protoc generated structures based on message definition in *.proto file. It's possible to use these generated structures directly, but it's better to have clear separation between transport level (gRPC) and business logic with its own structures. In this case you have to convert protobuf structures into business logic structures and vice versa. protoc-gen-struct-transformer is a plugin for protoc which generates functions for structure transformation.

user-service - user service using grpc go and postgresql

  •    Go

user service using grpc go, postgresql and redis. The service is designed to be accessed by the internal network so that the grpc connection used is an insecure connection. This service is part of ERP Microservices. The license of application is GPL-3.0, You can use this apllication for commercial use, distribution or modification. But there is no liability and warranty. Please read the license details carefully.