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vue-tables-2 - Vue.js 2 grid components

  •    Javascript

Note: If you are using vue-router or simply toggling the table with v-if, set the preserveState option to true. theme Use this option to select a CSS framework. Options:'bootstrap3','bootstrap4','bulma'. You can also pass you own theme. Use a file from the themes folder as boilerplate.

bootstrap-print - To manage print media for Twitter Bootstrap v3.

  •    Javascript

Bootstrap print for Bootstrap v3. This will help controlling grid columns size on printed pages. with RTL (right to left).

column-setter - Custom responsive grids in Sass that work in older browsers.

  •    CSS

Column Setter is a Sass tool that lets you easily set up a custom responsive grid for your website and build a float- or flexbox-based layout that aligns to it. It uses one simple function and a small handful of optional mixins to generate CSS percentage widths based on your settings. And for the most part, it leaves the structure of your HTML and CSS entirely up to you. Begin by saving _column-settings.scss and _column-setter.scss in the same directory as your main Sass file.

hex-grid.js - A JavaScript library for working with hexagonal grids.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for working with hexagonal grids. With inspiration from http://www.redblobgames.com/grids/hexagons.

order.less - Baseline alignment, column grids and modular scales.

  •    CSS

Requirements: Less v2.2.0; calc() support. Column grid mixins let you define a uniform grid with fixed inner gutters, and set elements' padding, margin, offset and width in columns. At the moment, only uniform grids with inner gutters are supported, e.g. a 3-column grid will have 2 gutters between 3 columns of equal width.

rework-pure-grids - Generate custom units for Pure Grids via Rework

  •    Javascript

Generate custom units for Pure Grids via Rework. The new classnames can be added to HTML elements whenever their width should change at the break-points specified in the mediaQueries option above.

postcss-gap-properties - Use the gap, column-gap, and row-gap shorthand properties in CSS

  •    Javascript

PostCSS Gap Properties lets you use the gap, column-gap, and row-gap shorthand properties in CSS, following the CSS Grid Layout specification.

wpf-demos - This repository contains the samples for Syncfusion WPF UI Controls and File Format libraries and the guide to use them

  •    CSharp

This repository contains the demos of Syncfusion WPF UI controls. This is the best place to check our controls to get more insight about the usage of APIs. You can also check our controls by installing out click once samples, in which you can browse the demo for all the controls. This section guides you to use the Syncfusion WPF samples in your applications.

ding0 - DIstribution Network Generat0r

  •    Python

DIstribution Network GeneratOr -- A tool to generate synthetic medium and low voltage power distribution grids based on open (or at least publicly available) data. A set of examples is provided to show how to use Ding0.

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