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vue-js-grid - :bento: Vue

  •    Vue

Plugin does NOT modify the source data array. Cell template is used to get access to list data, indexing and sorting params generated by plugin.

Centurion - Centurion is a web-based framework for rapid prototyping and building larger web projects

  •    CSS

Centurion is a responsive framework built for speed, simplicity, and flexibility. Originally based loosely on the 960 grid built by Nathan Smith, Centurion boasted a responsive grid system that would help alleviate the headache of building responsive designs. Like all web projects it grew and started to capitalize on several different areas like: typography, buttons, tables, and more in order to create a seamless framework that could allow web developers to start up a new project easily without the need to override every little piece. If you're concerned about browser support then we recommend either html5shiv or Modernizr to your web site or project to help support CSS3 and HTML5.

flint - Flint is a powerful Sass grid framework designed for rapid responsive development.

  •    CSS

Flint is a responsive grid framework written in Sass, created to allow developers to rapidly produce responsive layouts that are built on a sophisticated foundation. Most notably? The syntax. Being a designer myself, a large amount of time was spent on this aspect. Flint is very unique in the fact that it uses only a single mixin for all output: _(...).

waffle - Waffle is a simple, powerful, responsive grid system built using flexbox.

  •    CSS

Waffle is a simple, powerful, responsive grid system built using flexbox. It allows developers to create dynamic pages quickly and easily. Waffle works in every modern browser, including IE10+. If you'd like to see Waffle in action, check out the Waffle Demos Collection on CodePen.

Kayzen-GS - Kayzen-GS is a powerful framework for building responsive grid systems for the web

  •    CSS

The simple answer is; flexibility. By definition, columns are just inline blocks - it's the way CSS columns are supposed to work. Creating CSS columns by applying inline-block opens up a whole world of flexibility for your columns - the most useful benefit being the ability to set their horizontal and vertical alignment, just by setting the text-align and vertical-align properties respectively. By default, using inline-block for columns causes a natural whitespace to appear between each column, which can vary in width from font to font and browser to browser. This has caused many people many problems, and there are plenty of go-to hacky and impractical work arounds, none of which are really suitble for a production environment. Kayzen-GS allows for the use of completely usable and functional columns which use inline-block and have no white-space. Kayzen-GS works in all browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 (not that anyone uses it anymore...).

turkuazcss - :two_hearts: Daha hızlı ve kolay web sayfaları geliştirmek için tasarlanan güçlü bir Framework

  •    CSS

Tüm kodlar sürekli baştan ele alınarak en kolay kullanım sağlayan, sade ve şık tasarım üzerinde çalışılıyor. Ayrıca site, React ile SPA olacak şekilde sıfırdan geliştiriliyor. Geliştirme tamamlandığında ücretsiz temalarla beraber v1.0.0 duyurulacaktır. Turkuaz Css 11 Nisan 2016 tarihinde, @omergulcicek tarafından GitHub üzerinden açık kaynak olarak geliştirilmeye başlanmıştır. Kolayca özelleştirilebilir kod yapısı ile kısa sürede şık tasarımlar ortaya çıkartabilirsiniz. Türkçe sınıf isimlendirmeleri ile, özellikle geliştirmeye yeni başlamış veya yabancı dilde yetersiz olan kişilerin kolayca site oluşturmasını sağlar.

ginger - A minimal flexbox grid system named after a cute dog.

  •    CSS

Ginger is a minimal flexbox 12 column grid system named after a cute dog. It doesn't give you any fancy extras like some other frameworks, but what it does give you is a solid lightweight grid system to make developing and designing your next site easy and quick. There are three ways to install Ginger.

gutter-grid - A Sass flexbox based grid system that is able to replicate CSS grid-gap in IE11

  •    HTML

CSS Grid is now implemented in all modern browsers. All of our layout dreams have come true! ... Well almost all of them. Unfortunately IE11 still holds a fairly significant market share and it doesn't support the modern implementation of CSS Grid. It can be difficult to get people on board with the idea of allowing IE to look different to modern browsers. That is especially the case if the site you are building is an intranet with a 90% IE user base.

supercell - Grid-like Layout System

  •    CSS

Fluid, responsive, nestable, reorderable, mobile-first layouts. Supercell is an ITCSS-compatible library for building grid-like structures in our UIs.

60gs - 60GS - 60 Columns Grid System based on CSS Grid Layout

  •    HTML

60 Grid System is Starter Grid for the CSS Grid. 60 Grid System is Starter Grid for the CSS Grid.

vue-comment-grid - 💬 Responsive Vue

  •    Vue

💬 Vue.js Comment Grid and Demo built with full CSS Grid and Firebase REST API + Authentication. Basically you can just create Firebase Project, enable Email/Password sign-in method and pass database URL, API Key and node name you created in database as component props and set database rules to this. Thats all.

react-rasta - React Rasta is a powerful and flexible grid system for React

  •    TypeScript

React Rasta is a 12 column grid system built on top of the CSS flexbox layout and styled-components. Here you will find all you need to get started quickly.

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