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reflexbox - React flexbox layout and grid system

  •    Javascript

Primitive for controlling width, margin, padding and more. Both <Flex /> and <Box /> share the same props.

cxjs - CxJS - Advanced JavaScript UI framework for admin and dashboard applications with ready to use grid, form and chart components

  •    Javascript

CxJS, or simply Cx, is a feature-rich JavaScript framework for building complex web front-ends, such as BI tools, dashboards and admin apps. Modern frameworks such as React and Angular provide an excellent base for building UI components, however, component implementation and many other application aspects are left to the developer to figure out. CxJS tries to fill that gap and provide the all necessary ingredients required for modern web applications. CxJS Hacker News is a Progressive Web App focused on startup performance. The application is based on Preact and uses webpack plugins to enable preloading, inline CSS and JS, configure service workers and achieve other performance gains.

react-native-grid-component - :black_square_button: React native grid component

  •    Javascript

Easy to use grid component for your react-native project. Supports iOS and Android. Based on react-native framework by Facebook.