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Zewo - Lightweight library for web server applications in Swift on macOS and Linux powered by coroutines

  •    Swift

Zewo is a lightweight library for web applications in Swift.Zewo is not a web framework. Zewo is a lightweight library for web applications in Swift. Most server-side Swift projects use Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) as the concurrency library of choice. The drawback of using GCD is that its APIs are asynchronous. With async code comes callback hell and we all know it, it's no fun.

may - rust stackful coroutine library

  •    Rust

Rust Stackful Coroutine Library. May is a high performance stackful coroutine library that can be thought of rust version goroutine. You can use it easily to design and develop massive concurrent programs in Rust.

libwire - User space threading (aka coroutines) library for C resembling GoLang and goroutines

  •    C

libwire is a user-space threading library that is intended to provide in C some semblance of the GoLang environment. Namely, lightweight user-space cooperative threading and communication channels between them. Unlike Go this is squarely intended at high performance system-level programming that cares enough about memory allocations, zero-copy wherever possible and the least amount of overhead even at the expense of safety and ease of programming. A guiding light for this library is to not allocate memory by itself if at all possible and to let the user completely manage the memory and the allocation. A memory pool is provided for when that is needed but even that memory can be provided by the user as a static array instead of mallocing each part.

mioco - Scalable, coroutine-based, fibers/green-threads for Rust programming language

  •    Rust

Mioco provides green-threads (aka fibers) like eg. Goroutines in Go, for Rust. This repo is a complete re-implementation of mioco. The code of previous versions was moved to mioco.pre-0.9.