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gray - Make an image grayscale in all browsers

  •    Javascript

CSS Styles and jQuery plugin to display images in grayscale. Or you can just download it.

jQuery.BlackAndWhite - Clientside grayscale images on any browser

  •    Javascript

This plug-in can easily convert every colored image (in an html page) into a B&W greyscale image. Read the plugin API on here http://gianlucaguarini.github.io/jQuery.BlackAndWhite/.


  •    CSharp

Ghostscript.NET is a C# managed wrapper library around the 32-bit & 64-bit Ghostscript library, an interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF.

halfgone - :white_square_button: Golang black and white digital halftoning library

  •    Go

This repository contains implementations of digital halftoning - also called dithering - algorithms written in Go. The implementations are restricted to black and white rendering and are based on the image library from Go's standard library.The implementations are quite fast but are not optimized for production where you would typically want to use bit shifting when possible. I moved the common code for error-diffusion dithering into a separate functions because it's always the same underlying algorithm, whether it be Floyd-Steinberg dithering or Stucki dithering. I did the same for ordered dithering. In production you would probably want to choose a particular dithering algorithm and avoid using generic code which makes it harder to write optimized code.

glsl-luma - Get the luma (brightness) of an RGB color in GLSL

  •    C

Get the luma (brightness) of an RGB color in GLSL. Useful for converting images to greyscale.Takes a vec3 or vec4 color as input, returning the luma as a float.

color-luminance - bare-bones color luminance functions

  •    Javascript

Functions for calculating the relative luminance of a RGB color. Since this is just a weighted sum, you can pass components in the range 0-255 or 0-1.The exported function uses the Rec. 601 standard for coefficients (used in most digital video formats).

glsl-lut - lookup table color transforms for glslify

  •    Javascript

Use a texture as a lookup table to apply color transforms in a shader. Original implementation from GPUImage, see here. For more details on the concept, see here.This is geared towards OpenGL ES, so no 3D textures are used, and the lookup table is 512x512 (using every 4th color).

colr - Fast and simple color conversion.

  •    Javascript

Change the color of an existing Colr instance. All methods return the colr instance and can be chained.

my-favorite-things - make tasks to setup productive system

  •    Shell

This project that is named just like John Coltrane's album it's an attempt to automate every step of a fresh ArchLinux, Parabola or Debian installation. It assume a custom workflow used by me, and builds an environment with this workflow in mind. Everything is automated using make and m4. There are many utilities and system specific scripts in order to provide seamless integration.

ColorVectorSpace.jl - Treat colors as if they are n-vectors for the purposes of arithmetic

  •    Julia

This package is an add-on to ColorTypes, and provides fast mathematical operations for objects with types such as RGB and Gray. Colorspaces such as RGB, unlike XYZ, are technically non-linear; the "colorimetrically correct" approach when averaging two RGBs is to first convert each to XYZ, average them, and then convert back to RGB.

gray - A grayscale color palette for prototyping the web.

  •    CSS

Try out different grays while prototyping with the switch of a variable. It provides an index.css file, so you can do the following (assuming the gray npm module is installed).

eziam-theme-emacs - A mostly grayscale theme for Emacs, inspired by Tao and Leuven.

  •    Emacs

Both the Melpa and Melpa stable versions are actually stable and fit for daily use; experimental features are tested on separate branches.

grayscale-sass - The SASS version of StartBootstrap's Grayscale template

  •    Javascript

Grayscale is a multipurpose, one page HTML theme for Bootstrap created by Start Bootstrap. This template features various content sections and a Google Maps section with a custom map marker. This version of the template uses Compass and SASS instead of LESS, and builds on the bower dependency manager.